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Is It Too Late To Unbottle?

on January 30, 2013

“Artists who begin late are sometimes said to unbottle.” said Nanuzzi.

Excerpt from Duma Key by Stephen King


I have always dreamed of being a writer.

When I was much younger than I am now, I took my first creative writing course.  Before the course ended, my instructor called me aside and told me that I had a talent for writing and that I should pursue a career in it.  I thanked him and walked away.  At the time, I was raising three children, trying to make a second marriage work and had just started a job in the banking industry that offered an opportunity for growth and a career.  So, I stuffed my dreams of writing in a bottle and moved on.

A few years ago, I decided to sign up for online writing courses, curious to see if I did have any talent in that direction.  During the courses, I found that I not only enjoyed writing, but I was also surprised that I liked my writing, and so did my instructors.  But, once again, I turned my back on my ambitions and continued on with my life.

I believe that I hesitated to pursue my dream, not due to a lack of time or obligations I had, but because I had a lack of self-confidence and a fear of rejection.  So, the dream was kept in a bottle for most of my life.

Last year, I decided to once again dip my toes into the waters of writing.  I had heard about blogging, and felt that it was a low-risk method of trying to write something that people might actually read.  I searched around the Internet; looked into numerous blog sites and signed on for one.

I started off slow, did more reading than actual posting, and when I did post, it was an impersonal and silly piece that I had written a while back for one of my writing classes.  I was stunned when I got comments and even more stunned when people actually liked it!

Lately, I have found that my posts have taken on more of a personal note.  I find that my talent lies in writing about life experiences or issues that have deep meaning for me.  I am quite proud of some of the writing I’ve done when I’ve stayed in this area; although I will still post silly articles because they make me laugh!  But, I will leave the writing of the next great american novel to someone more experienced and motivated than I.  I will be happy if I can move forward and write a novel.  It would be a legacy for my grandchildren and a source of pride for my family.

I was quite pleased when another website contacted me and asked to publish some of my pieces on their website.   I was floored when one of those articles received more than 39,000 views.  It proved to me that some people actually liked my efforts. I am very close to actually sending out some of my work to publishers, as I feel I can handle rejection now, much more so than when I was younger.

Unbottling can be unsettling.  Ideas bombard my thoughts and I have to keep a pad around, so I can use the ideas in the future.  But, I no longer keep those ideas and my ambition to write kept bottled up.

So, is it ever to late to unbottle?  I don’t think so…what about you?


26 responses to “Is It Too Late To Unbottle?

  1. johnlmalone says:

    a terrific post, one of the best I’ve ever read anywhere. How this post received no comments is beyond me. We are a similar age. I began serious writing of short stories only twelve months ago and have had some success. You might find some encouragement from my author profile on

    but your blog post received 39,000 hits! that’s amazing1

    • I have only been on Word Press for a week and really only blogging since last November. I’m heading over to read your profile.

      Thanks for the kind comments, it means so much to me and from one “Baby Boomer” to another..we’ve only just begun!

  2. Reblogged this on Grandma Says.. and commented:

    Since I’m swamped with revisions, I thought I’d share one of my first posts with you. I was brand new to WordPress when I posted this. Hope you enjoy.

  3. Gwen says:

    This was a wonderful story. In some ways, I think you have the “Oprah Touch” (hope you don’t mind the comparison). What I mean is, your ability to reach out through the personal aspect of your writing is what readers love — just as Oprah made her wildly successful talk show so very personal. I love reading the humorous anecdotes that feature Danny and your kids. In the impersonal online, digital world, it reminds me there’s a real person behind the delightful posts.

    I think as writers we are always evolving. It takes time to discover our niche — I, for one, am still working to find mine — but whatever you write, I’ll be there to read it! xo

    • I am so touched and I appreciate all these kind words! No problem being compared to “O”, I happen to respect her drive, compassion and willingness to open herself to the world.

      I thing the exploring to find the “niche” is the fun part. Experimenting with different venues has certainly kept me hopping. And, I know you are a talented writer and love your posts.

  4. A perfect time to repost this for a newbie, such as myself, to WordPress!

    I know it is the personal writings that reach the heart of people. Although I love to read fiction, I know better than to think I could make it as real as life.

    Keep up the great work!!

    • Hey, I was in the same boat with fiction..guess what? I wrote a novel and it’s fiction.

      Give yourself some time here in WordPress and you’ll be surprised at the challenges you will want to meet. I have never received so much support and encouragement before…anywhere!

      Welcome to WordPress where all things are possible!

  5. btg5885 says:

    The genie has been let out of the bottle to spread some magic. Well done. I enjoy your musings. BTG

  6. mcwoman says:

    Cranky — I think there are many “Golden Girls” out there who have unearthed their love for writing because we finally have a little time for ourselves to explore our talents. Keep writing. Barbara

  7. so open and honest. good post then and now! love reading your writings!

  8. Lack of self-confidence and fear of rejection . . . aren’t they quite the twosome that leave us doing our thing “for just myself”. Then, that day comes, when the kids are raised, the career winds down, you are older and wiser, and you think, “well, why the hell not!”.

  9. Bastet says:

    So, you see dear, the talent was there all along, just waiting to mature…great blog from a great writer!

  10. Susan Norden says:

    I don’t believe it’s ever too late, really. I think about many famous creative people who didn’t get started — really started — until later on, including actors and actresses, painters, et cetera. It’s only too late when your already in the Happy Hunting Ground. 🙂

  11. sknicholls says:

    I am really glad that you reblogged this! Your passion shows. That makes for excellent writing. I am very new to blogging, but delighted at the warmth of the community of readers and writers. I retired a bit early to pursue a dream that started in high school, but life got in the way. I had published a novel that I wrote and AFTER I started blogging discovered all sorts of useful info that I wish I had known before I published. I can make some changes based on what I know now and I am glad that I self published. I rather like being an Indie Author, It is the rebel in me, I guess. I have taken the time to read quite a few of your pieces and liked them ALL! If I sat here all night pressing the like button you would have a ton of notifications. I’ll be back, I’m sure!

    • Wow, thanks for your kind words. I have not finished revising my novel yet and have no clue which road I will take when I do.

      WordPress is not just a warm and helpful community to me..I am so inspired by all the writers and their encouraging words. I am not including you in that group. Thanks so much and welcome to blogging. I look forward to reading your posts!

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