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Do You Resemble This Remark?

on February 2, 2013


Well, I do, sometimes.

I can’t count the number of times I have had to pull my foot out of my mouth! I have never meant to say anything insulting to someone, and I have never meant to be cruel or uncaring with my words, but sometimes, the words just spew out and, SNAP! I’ve hurt someone’s feelings.

I don’t know who this hurts more, the object of my inappropriate humor or me, for the lingering guilt I suffer. I have improved with age, but every once in a while my mouth seems to have a mind of its own and attacks when I least expect it.

Now, before I make a global apology, I do want to state that most times the stuff I say is pretty damn funny! But, I have had to learn to soften the blow by an immediate hug after dropping a bomb on some poor unsuspecting person (or quickly leave the room, so my SO, Danny can explain that sometimes I go off my meds and can’t be held responsible for what I say.)

Luckily, almost all the people I know can take a joke and get right back at me…which I happen to love! Very few are shocked or angered…at least I haven’t gotten punched out yet! But, there’s always a first time!

So, if posting a comment to you, I happen to hit a nerve, feel free to hit right back. I can take it!

3 responses to “Do You Resemble This Remark?

  1. Susan Norden says:

    I’ve been in those situations many times — like recently when an older lady at work who has really long hair complimented me on my new short haircut, I replied, “Thank you; I think after a certain age short hair is best.” Wow! Did I cringe inside and try make a lame save on that one, by sputtering, “I just think on me right now at this age short hair is best.” And she said little if anything, because I was so embarassed … ☹

  2. MG says:

    I make myself laugh because I don’t filter much. I like to surprise people and myself (through their reactions). I am the type who doesn’t like to offend people but it has happened. But I apologize and make ammends swiftly and easily and that helps when I put my foot…ahem…my whole leg in my mouth! Have a great Saturday CC! 😀

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