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What Were They Thinking?

on February 10, 2013


I’ve been writing some pretty serious stuff lately, so I thought I’d slide over to the silly side of life and share these with you!  I hope you enjoy them!

Ok, so we all do silly things once in a while.  Sometimes on a dare, sometimes because we just feel like being silly.  But, where do you draw the line?

Hey, lady!  Are you serious?

Hmmm…be still my heart!

At least this guy offers some good advice.

Wonder what the ad for this business looks like in the Yellow Pages?

Nothing says “Stop Me” to a cop better than this.

This guy needs to sober up and get new roommates!

Can’t wait to buy one of those plants!

 Hey, Zac Efron!  Do you realize your standing in front of glass?  Is this really the best time to adjust those jewels?

So, if you’ve ever been embarrassed by doing something silly, don’t worry.  Someone else has crossed the line way before you!

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