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A Time and A Place

on February 12, 2013


I actually took a little time to watch the news today on the boob-tube and listened to a story about an outrageous Baby Shower.

The guests, male and female,  participated in the usual silly baby shower games, gobbled good eats and showered presents on the expectant mom.  Then, the Mom-to-be disappeared behind a blue curtain, and her husband directed everyone’s attention to the multiple televisions scattered around the room.  The guests sat down with excitement, wondering what kind of video they would be seeing.

Well, they got a little more than a video.  They got to watch a live ultra-sound of the new baby.  The mother behind the curtain had hired a professional imaging company to perform what is usually a medical examination, for the entertainment of her guests.  Some guests watched politely, others frowned and a few were just shocked.

If you’ve every seen a ultra-sound video, the unborn child is usually difficult to identify as a human being.  The Dad-to-be was very helpful by pointing out the eyes, nose, and private parts of the little bundle of joy (it’s a boy!)   I guess it was necessary to do this since all I could make out in the fuzzy picture was a bundle of limbs, and a round, melon sized object that I assume was the head, although I’m not sure it wasn’t the hind end.

One of the guests in the video summed it up best when she asked, “What the hell am I looking at?”

Doctor’s are trained to use the ultra-sound as a medical tool, a very important one, and I’m sure the woman’s obstetrician did not recommend using the test as a party favor for her guests.

There is a time and a place for everything, and I feel that a baby shower, with a roomful of trapped guests,  is the wrong time and the wrong place for an ultra-sound. You shouldn’t assume that your guests would find such a display of your unborn child as entertaining . If they were interested in seeing your ultra-sound, they would ask.

I think pregnant women are beautiful but having to see pregnant women sporting their bare, swollen stomachs in public is hard enough to tolerate.  Now I am expected to watch a video of their unborn child at a party and be expected to Ooh and Aww.

I hope this is not going to be a growing trend among expectant moms when planning their baby showers.  Let’s keep a little mystery as to what your little one will actually look like when it’s born, and stick to the mimosa’s and cake for your guests.


One response to “A Time and A Place

  1. Susan Norden says:

    I’m with you 100% on this. I don’t know where people’s modesty and intelligence has gone. I remember when this sonogram thing first started years ago, and the expectant women in the office would pass around these black and white photographs that just looked like inkblots to me. I didn’t care, and I currently don’t care what’s inside. It’s akin to the minute-by-minute play-by-play description of labor and delivery that some women feel a need to broadcast to the world. There are just some things that really should be so extra-special that one would want to be selfish and keep all those “pictures” and descriptions to oneself. Not everyone wants to be forced into the event. Thank you for sharing this, and saying what I’ve thought for a long time. 😉

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