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The Ball Of Shame Awards

on February 24, 2013


Baseball season is coming!  Fans look forward to the crack of the bat, the smell of popcorn and the chance to cheer on their team.  They bring their friends, their wives and their kids.  All of them hope to be in the right spot, at the right time to catch a souvenir foul ball.

Little ones line up and wait..and wait..and wait.  Then, here is comes, the ball they’ve been waiting for.  As it comes closer, you can see the look of hope in their eyes as they reach out to grab the foul ball.

But, wait!  Just as their little hands are within reach of the prize; an adult grabs up the ball and leaves the kid empty-handed.  Way to go, sports fans!  And, let’s not forget the parents, so caught up in the moment of seeing a foul ball come their way that  forget about the kid they are holding.

So, without further ado, let me introduce four new inductees into the “Ball Of Shame Hall Of Fame.”


The first award goes to a father in Taiwan who is holding his little girl in his lap.  He spies the foul ball coming his way, jumps up and dumps the toddler to the ground. Now, this fan has already received a long death stare from his wife after she watches him drop their kid on her butt, but we feel he deserves special recognition for his disregard for his child’s safety.  Way to go, Dad.


The next award goes to the dad who holds his infant in one arm while reaching out with his other to catch that all so valuable foul ball.  We respect his decision to bring an infant to a baseball game and not worry that a ball might just boink his little one in the head.  Hey, break your little ones in right, huh fella?


The third award goes to the couple who certainly worked hard for this award.  Sitting next to them at a Rangers game was 3-year-old Kyle and his parents.  A foul ball was thrown into their row and lands in front of Kyle’s seat.  The woman in the couple next to the little boy, scoops up the ball from the ground and flashes the ball for all to see.  She totally ignores the fact that Kyle is crying his eyes out because he didn’t get the ball.  To add insult to injury, she then has her husband take her picture holding the ball while Kyle looks on, sobbing.  Let’s have a round of applause for this totally self-involved couple!


The final award goes to a woman who has given a new meaning to the phrase “bad fan.”  Standing next to a young girl, she misses the foul ball, grabs it out of the kids hands and jumps back to her seat.  While the little girl slowly walks up the steps in disappointment, this woman turns to her friends and get high fives for her success in stealing a ball from a kid.  I guess she forgot one of the cardinal rules for baseball fans..the one that states that GROWN-UPS GIVE THE BALLS TO THE KIDS!

Well, that’s it for this year, folks.  We had many nominees for the Ball Of Shame Award but these four winners exemplified outstanding disregard for the safety of their child in order to catch a foul ball or a willingness to smash a kid’s dream by stealing their ball.

So, welcome to these baseball fans who have certainly earned the award  and the right to HANG THEIR HEADS IN SHAME!

5 responses to “The Ball Of Shame Awards

  1. Kevin says:

    Your post is right now. However, in this day and age of “Me First”, it just shows kids that they aren’t special and that is a good thing, right? You don’t want them to think that just because they are kids they get special treatment! Come on now…let’s teach kids the facts of life as early as we can. Anyway, I’m off to eat the last of my kids’ cereal so they get stuck with my adult cereal. Hey, you sleep in you miss out. Make life a lesson everyday! LOL.

    • I hope the stupid adults that did these selfish acts have kids who see the videos of just how great Mom and Dad were! And they wonder what’s wrong with kids today?
      Hey, thanks for commenting. Hope your kids like that new Fiber Cereal!

      • Kevin says:

        I’m pretty sure they will…hmmm, yum! Fiber is so good for you. I think I should make a spinach/broccoli cereal one of these days.

  2. TamrahJo says:

    OMG – What’s really sad, is the kid can’t even believe the “well, really, it’s not the end of the world and in the cosmic scheme of things, it won’t matter in a hundred years” story, when he/she observes so many lunatic adults who, through their actions, make it appear to be a moment of high importance – –
    Sigh…sometimes I weep for our society….

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