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Looking For Love.Com

on February 26, 2013


A few days ago, I watched a news report on a woman who used a Dating Website to find the love of her life.  She is now out of over $50,000 and, understandably, a bit upset that the man of her dreams turned out to be a scam artist.

All I could think about was how lonely and desperate this woman had to be to trust an on-line Romeo and fork over her money to him.  The news report stated that the woman felt that the online dating service should be held responsible for not screening their members to prevent this kind of scam.  Good luck with that one, honey!

This woman is not alone in being a victim of a scam artist who used an on-line dating service; there are so many reports out there of women who fall prey to this kind of vulture.  And, it’s a sad but true fact that the women trusted the dating service to protect them.  In reality, these websites or dating services are only committing to finding their members a hookup with someone with the members same interests and goals.  They don’t give a rat’s behind about protecting you from predators.

So, what’s a lonely woman to do?  How can she trust the “perfect match” the service found for her to be a safe one?  Well, I have a few suggestions.

1.  Check out the Dating Service.  Now, I don’t mean just the number of matches they have made and how many couples walked to the altar because of their services.  Get past those glowing testimonials and dig deep into their policies.  Read the damn contract and see just what exactly they are responsible for.  See if they have any pending lawsuits.

2.  Do a Background check and a Criminal Check on the bozo!  You’ve already invested money in the search for your true love, why not make sure he’s not a felon?  Make sure he exists in the real world and that he is all he says he is.  Check public documents and his references. Don’t be afraid to ask Prince Charming questions.  If he balks at answering them or his answers don’t ring true..then end it right then and there.

3.  Talk to your family and your friends about your new love.  Don’t be embarrassed, and don’t get angry when they view your choice of man with skepticism.  They are only trying to protect you and shield you from someone who might want to dip into your bank accounts.

4.  If the dude gives you a hard luck story such as: he’d  loved to come meet you but he just doesn’t have the money to take the trip right now; he’s traveling overseas and he’s stuck with no money; or he needs a life-saving operation but he doesn’t have quite enough in his savings; then, not the nearest exit and cut off all communication with this loser.  And, for heaven’s sake, if you exchange presents..don’t send a check!  I’m sure a gift card would suffice and serve to protect your financial identity.

I’m sure that some women have met some really great guys by using these dating services; I just haven’t met any up close and personal.  I also want to be fair to the services that do make those “matches made in heaven”.  After all, they show those couples on television ads all the time, right?  And we can believe all we see on television and the Internet, sure we can.

Now, you might ask if I’ve ever used a dating service.  No, I have not.  I think they are dangerous and a risk that I have never been willing to take.  Yeah, I’ve been lonely and I’ve searched for love, sometimes in all the wrong places. But, I’m a big believer in what was meant to be will happen, without me paying some dating service to speed things up. Yes, I’ve had to kiss a lot of frogs before I met my prince.  But, the wait was worth it and it didn’t cost me anything.

I have one last suggestion.  If you have this overwhelming need to empty your bank accounts, and send your money to someone you don’t know, as you search for your true love…hey, pick me.  I could use the dough and I’ll love you forever..I promise!

4 responses to “Looking For Love.Com

  1. TamrahJo says:

    I never used a dating service – still out way more than $50,000 dollars – AND 17 years of my life….LOL – so I think the best advice is – look for love at the Rescue Animal Shelter – – 🙂

  2. johnlmalone says:

    I the way you ended this blog: very amusing and clever. btw regarding imposters the film about the arch imposter Frederik Bourdin is now out; I am rereading the new yorker article on his life in the issue of Aug 11 & 18, 2008

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