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My Son Is Green!

on February 28, 2013


The other day, I checked into my Facebook page and, much to my surprise, my oldest son’s profile pic had been changed.  Instead of his handsome face, I found only a big green box.

Being a concerned mom, I sent him a comment that he was looking a little green around the gills.  As I waited for his reply, I scrolled down through more posts and discovered the reason for the change in his Gravatar.

Evidently, the green box was in support of the 250 visual effects artists, who gave us those breathtaking scenes in “The Life of Pi.” They were laid off by their employers, who were filing for bankruptcy. Although “The Life Of Pi” won an Academy Award for visual effects; the people who created them hadn’t been paid in five weeks and were now unemployed.  Their employer,  Rythm and Hues, are rumored to be moving their company overseas.

During the Academy Awards, Bill Westenhofer, accepting the Visual Effects Award on behalf of his team, started to address the plight of the visual effects industry.  However, the orchestra cut him off by playing the theme from “Jaws.”  Nice job, Academy!  What he was trying to say was that although visual effects artists are responsible for many film’s successes; the artists are suffering due to Hollywood outsourcing their visual effects jobs to overseas companies.

The protest has hit the Social Network by supporters changing their gravatars to green.   My son owns a multimedia company in South Carolina, so this issue hit him close to his heart.  And, I am proud that he stands by his fellow artists; I hope that the visual effects industry gets recognized for the artistry they create and those 250 artists finally get their “piece of the Pi.”

We writers, poets, photographers and journalists are all part of the artistic community and these people should definitely have our support.  I am not political; but I am someone who recognizes that outsourcing will result in a lack of jobs for our fellow artists in the film industry.  So, I have decided to put a green box on my blog in support of these artists and will continue to do so as long as my son has a green box for a gravatar!  Join me if you like.  I do hope this protest won’t last too long, though.

I miss my son’s face!

6 responses to “My Son Is Green!

  1. Shannon says:

    It’s extremely frustrating to work for a company that does not pay as promised, especially when you know the money is sitting there in someone else’s pocket. Makes me see red, not green! 😉

  2. NouNou says:

    not only visual effects industry in unfairly treated , many other industries and jobs are being treated unfairly we need to raise the awareness of how important every single industry is and should be respected and well recognized ,, i hope that this protest will not last long too

  3. Aurora says:

    I also understand what you are saying, my husband is a graphic artist with a college degree in illustration, but can’t find work in his field anymore. The best he seems to be able to do are freelance jobs designing book covers for friends that are self-publishing their own books now.

  4. johnlmalone says:

    good on you for taking this stand; and I love ‘a piece of the pi’ 🙂

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