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Duct Tape – Not Just For Naugahyde Chairs Anymore

on March 5, 2013



This passenger was subdued by airline personnel and fellow passengers after having a meltdown during a flight from Iceland to JFK.  Upon boarding, he proceeded to drink all his duty free booze and halfway through the flight, became unruly and started screaming profanities, spitting, and yelling that the plane was going to crash.  When he tried to choke the woman sitting next to him, he was restrained with duct tape and plastic ties.

He was arrested when the plane landed and brought to a hospital, where I assume they removed the tape (Ouch!) Passengers declined to speak with police, so no charges were filed against the dude, but I’ll bet he thinks twice next time about drinking and flying.

Airline personnel now stock duct tape and plastic ties to restrain passengers who present a threat to the safety of the other passengers.

Do you feel that appropriate measures were used or an alternate method to calm the passenger down should have been considered?

Personally, I think this was a righteous taping!


5 responses to “Duct Tape – Not Just For Naugahyde Chairs Anymore

  1. dmauldin53 says:

    Righteous taping all the way!

  2. pardenme says:

    Most definitely a righteous taping! Good job!

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