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Don’t Stop Those Kids From Drawing On The Walls

on March 6, 2013


Meet artist Judith Braun.  She uses carbon dust and her fingers to make great works of art.

She uses both hands to create the symmetry.

Then she adds the finishing touches with a brush.

Her finished works are unbelievable!

So, let those kids express themselves by drawing on your walls.  You might have an artist in the making!


15 responses to “Don’t Stop Those Kids From Drawing On The Walls

  1. 1tric says:

    Not what wall art in my house looked like!

  2. Nothing wrong with being a book-a-holic. 🙂 Besides, it does sound pretty darn good. & I definitely agree with you about the cover art. It caught my eye the second I opened up my Reader. 😉

  3. I love this!!! So cool.

  4. Basharr says:

    Quite awesome I have done some wall art painted all four walls of a childs bedroom with a panoramic style batman setting. But this artist is quite talented.

  5. johnlmalone says:

    brilliant and inspiring.

  6. ericaatje says:

    Looks really great!!! You’ve inspired me to go working on my art again. I needed that! Thanx a lot! 😉

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