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on March 13, 2013

I like Shannon’s idea about reviewing some of the bloggers we meet!

Shannon A Thompson

8:00 a.m. Update: I hit 5,000 followers this morning. Thank you! I love achieving these milestones with you all. They make my day! 

This blog brings me plenty of joy. Discussing writings and readings with you all is often my favorite part of the day. It’s my passion, and to be able to do something with it on a daily basis is a joy.

On many occasions, because of my Contact page, I receive emails from very enthusiastic followers–talented writers and readers who, sometimes, just want to discuss the industry, (or something else entirely), and we have a great time talking about EVERYTHING. Seriously. I can talk forever.

I have days when I can’t email right away. (I’m busy with school most of the time.) But I try my best, and I have daily emailers who brighten my day with their messages.

I wanted to share two of them with…

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  1. Thank you for reblogging 😀
    Glad you enjoyed it.

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