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Lets Hear It For The Boys!

on March 13, 2013


I know that a lot of my posts point out what’s wrong with the world.  That’s what Cranky’s my shtick!  And, I usually don’t have much trouble finding something that just yanks my chain.

But, every once in a while, I find a story that just brings a tear to my eye and makes me regain my faith in the basic goodness of mankind.  This is one of those stories that I wanted to share with you.

Fort Wayne, IN. resident Robert Slack collapsed at the end of his driveway while he had been out shoveling snow.  He was in bad shape when firecrew arrived in response to a neighbor’s 911 call.  Luckily, it was just fatigue that ailed him, no major damage done!

Weeks later, a major snowstorm hit again, leaving behind massive amounts of snow to be shoveled.  Neighbors feared that Slack would once again attempt to shovel his own property; but they were unable to get out to plow his home.  One of these neighbors, Heather Eracleous looked out her window and saw emergency vehicles stop once again in front of Slack’s home and she feared the worst.

But the firecrew who arrived were not there to perform any lifesaving measures; they came to shovel out the snow from Mr. Slack’s home.

“(We) knew that we got a lot of snow, knew that he was a pretty proud guy and more than capable, but we were out and we just wanted to stop and help him,” said Capt. Russ McCurdy.

“I’m just glad we got there, and it wasn’t done yet,” McCurdy said. “I’m glad that we were able to do it for him. We stopped and helped Mr. Slack because he’s a veteran, and I think that’s the least he deserves.”

These fireman spent 10 minutes, while Mr. Slack could have spent over an hour, removing the snow; most likely they prevented another 911 call from one of Slack’s neighbors, one that might not have ended as well as the previous one.

“It’s just what we do,” McCurdy said. “We just go out and help, and if we can make that connection with one or two people and make their day better, that’s really what it’s about.”

These firemen exemplify what “Paying It Forward” is all about and are to be commended for their compassion for their fellow man.

Great job, Guys, you made my day!

8 responses to “Lets Hear It For The Boys!

  1. Awww… love this! Gives me warm fuzzies 🙂 Thanks for putting an uplifting spin on my day!

  2. Dr. J says:

    That’s a nice story! I went to college in Indiana.

    Not much snow in Florida, but I have plenty of branches in the yard from all the wind that our firefighters can come by and pick up if they want to, lol!

  3. A heart warming story indeed.

  4. johnlmalone says:

    that’s a beautiful heartwarming story; and I love current affair shows and docos that highlight the good people do for each other instead of focusing on the bad

    btw I think it’s great that DR.J has found your blog; he’s found mine too and I am very glad: it is good to get a surgeon’s take on things

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