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Step Away From The Signs

on March 14, 2013


O.k.,  enough is enough.  Why are parents putting their children on Facebook, holding signs, asking for a gazillion likes?  Oh, yeah, it’s for the really important things such as: a new puppy, a new Xbox, a trip to Disney or the newest I-Phone.  Give me a break!

When did parents stop teaching their children to work and to save for the things they want?  And, what happens to the kid’s self-esteem when they don’t get the required “Million Likes” goal their parents have set.  Sounds like these kids are being set up to fail; I can’t think of any kid (or his/her parents) with an ounce of sense that believes they are going to get that many responses.

These signs just irritate the hell out of me because I see the life lesson these kids are being taught.  Don’t worry about earning your way in the world; just get on the Internet and beg for what you want.  Basically, that is what these parents are encouraging their kids to do and it is wrong..wrong..wrong.

When I was growing up, we dreamed of owning a new bike; we would drool over those brand-new skates in the store window, and we would sigh when Barbie Doll commercials came on the television.  When we wanted something bad enough, we found a way to earn the money to get it.  We would mow lawns, shovel snow, babysit, or roam the neighborhood for returnable bottles we could cash in.  We would save our money and when we finally got enough to buy that dream item; how sweet the feeling was and how proud we were.

If your kids want a new puppy, put a picture of them studying a manual on how to care for a pet on Facebook!  Now, that’s a picture sure to get a “Like.”  Or take pictures of your kid delivering newspapers to earn enough money to buy that new X-Box.  Another sure winner!  Who wouldn’t hit the “Like” button on a picture of a bunch of kids selling lemonade on the sidewalk in order to earn money for a trip to Disney World?  And if a child is old enough to own an I-Phone; they are old enough to get a job and earn the money to get one!

If these parents want to guarantee a million “Likes”, have them post a picture of their kids raising money for charity. Show them helping someone who has far less than they do.


This particular post really had me steamed!  How sincere is this mother about giving up smoking?  If she’s not going to do it for herself or for her daughter; she’s certainly not going to do it even if the poor girl succeeds in getting the million pushes on the “Like” button.

Another post, similar to the one above, showed 3 youngsters holding a sign that for the price of 1 million “Likes” their dad would give up smoking.  Well, Dad evidently didn’t get that memo, since the very first comment on the post was a message from him stating that he’d give up smoking when he was damn well ready to give it up!

603138_475662962491811_1675732873_n (1)

Now, here’s a posting that I gladly pushed my “Like” button for!  Way to go, Mom!


37 responses to “Step Away From The Signs

  1. joehoover says:

    I had no idea these things happened, luckily none of them made it to my Facebook threads! How needy are people for attention, sounds like it has less to do with the kids and more about their own ego

  2. Smash says:

    Agreed! I am so sick and tired of seeing these posts in my feed. Facebook was supposed to be for connecting with your friends, not for being bombarded by constant requests for hand-outs and “likes”.

    • Susan says:

      I agree completely with you. I’m leaving Facebook because rarely does anyone anymore talk about their daily adventures. It’s mostly re-posting garbage and false information, and to wade through the ads and re-posts — ugh! Not what Facebook used to be.

    • Wow, I really expected to be nailed to the wall on this post for being Cranky! I am so happy that the comments are coming in on a positive note and agreeing with my disdain for this practice! Thanks so much for reading and for your comments!

  3. sarahcradit says:

    Thank you!! This trend is an example of everything that is wrong with this world! What’s almost worse is all the people who actually “like” it.

    • Susan says:

      I agree. I plan to start using my blog and our own website to keep my friends updated on our adventures. What aggravates me is that everytime you “like” a friend’s picture, EVERYBODY knows it! 😦

      • sarahcradit says:

        I think using it to keep your friends and family updated on your life is totally different…and don’t worry, people will know the difference because you won’t be holding up a ridiculous sign, or demanding likes to prevent tragic death from some rare disease 😉

      • I also wonder about those pleas that are supposed to be posted to raise awareness of one disease or another. If you want to raise awareness..write an article and give people more information than a pitiful picture of a sick child holding a sign!

      • sarahcradit says:

        Sometimes I think it makes people feel better about doing their “civic duty.” Like “oh I posted my bra size and the color of my first car to raise awareness for breast cancer, so I must be an activist.” Right. Donate your time, or your money, to something that actually does raise awareness and we can talk.

    • So true! They are just adding to the problem!

  4. Susan says:

    Part of the reason I am leaving Facebook is for this reasons you spoke about. I am getting tired of trying to scroll and sift through the reposting of these crazy “like-my-picture-so-I-can-get-a-bazillion-liks-to-get-my-new-(insert item here)” before I get to the posts about my friends’ adventures. Oh, wait — people don’t do that much on Facebook anymore….it’s just a plethora of re-posting crap things and things that are false and of the scam-bent. 🙂

  5. Susan says:

    I’m leaving Facebook in that I pretty much stopped posting anything except that I post my link to my blog there. Eventually, I hope to get my friends to WordPress and to our own website. Facebook has lost its usefullness — except for the chronic re-posters!

  6. Susan says:

    One last thing before I get back to work: Funny you wrote about this topic today. My husband and I are working on our own pieces that speak to these very issues. We’ve been discussing this for the past couple of months, and with the new update on Facebook, we’ve just about had it!

    Keep writing; I enjoy your topics! 😀

  7. Kevin says:

    How dare you complain about Facbook, it’s “like” system, and people asking for handouts! I can only hope one day to get a million “likes” on my next fb update featuring my cat Mr. Whiskers holding a sign that asks people to read my blog. Or Cyndi, my imaginary stalker, encouraging people to read my sarcastic blog with a “like”. Why should I write witty commentary (this improving my writing craft) and work hard and night if I can take the easy way out with a million likes??? And if I get a millions likes on my comment, I promise never to out of the milk cartoon again….ot until next Tuesdau! Whichever rolls around first!!

    Thanks for a great blog posting! And I agree with you! Plus I just use FB for business and emailing friends that can’t seem to email me directly (like back in the 1990s). 🙂

  8. Basharr says:

    I enjoyed this post as it addressed the state of a majority of our society. I played little league baseball as a kid, I played Pop Warner football as a kid games in both sports were won or lost. In today’s world they have T-Ball every kid gets to bat run the bases and in the end both teams win. We have become a society that for the most part expects free stuff instead of having to work for it. I recognize the positives one can get from using facebook but also the negatives. I had a facebook account for about 1 month and by then I was cringing at the idiocy people display on that site.

    I dislike the attention seeking people like these kids parents are creating because they are setting their children up for a fall. In the real world not everyone likes you and the things earned are what people respect the most. I gave my daughter a car when she turned 16 it was less than a month and the car was dead, she did not respect it because she did not do the work involved in attaining it. Dad did and dad was pissed when she called crying that her transmission was shot and when she could get another car? I told her when she took her paychecks and put them in the bank and saved for another car. My wife and I raised her to know that you make your own way in life and if you want something you earn it. Long story short, though at the time she was angry at me she saved her money and bought another car and low and behold when she realized the amount of work that went into earning that car, she came to respect and care for it knowing that if it broke down it was going to cost her. She has been driving that car now for nine years and just recently acknowledged my choice not to get her a second car as a turning point in her out look on life. Now if only my youngest daughter would get a clue,,,,You got to earn it to understand how great responsibility is.

    Thanks for your post sorry I was a bit long winded….Peace.

    • Susan says:

      I like your thoughts, Basharr. It’s a crazy world now. . . . 😉

    • Not long winded, to the point actually. My stepson has a lack of respect for his cell phone..he throws them in anger and breaks them. Of course, his mom sends him new ones so he continues to do it.

      When he wanted a Senior Ring, we told him he had to pay for it (he was working at the time.) He did and he still has that ring after 8 years..has never thrown it once. Hmm…could it be because he paid for it?

      Thanks for your comments and sharing!

  9. Michael Vaughn says:

    This is a great post on an annoying trend that needs to die, quickly. Unfortunately, it’s only getting worse. An example is where a guy put up a Facebook post because a girl told him she’d have sex with him for 1 million “likes”. Just ridiculous.

    • Susan says:

      True, Michael. I see fads and trends ebb and flow on social networking sites, particularly Facebook, and I’m hoping the next trend is less annoying. The example you cited — ridiculous, indeed!

  10. Michael Vaughn says:

    Reblogged this on He Said, It's Coming Soon and commented:
    A great post on a needless Facebook trend.

  11. Not quite 40 says:

    My son is 5 1/4.

    He loves, LOVES lego, particularly Star Wars lego and desperately wanted the Death Star model. Honey, it’s almost £300, that is so not going to happen.

    “I’ll save my pocket money.” You’ll be gone *7* by the time you get it. “OK”

    So he did. For seven months he saved every penny he got. Everyone knew what he was doing and grandparents chipped in with a few pounds every so often. If we were out and he asked for something (never very big, maybe popcorn at the cinema, or a cake from a baker), if it was something I would have said yes to I offered him a choice – cake or money for Death Star fund?

    We bought a new (to us) car and he waited almost 2 hours in the showroom. Because of his patience I was able to negotiate a LOAD off the price, so I shared that with the Death Star fund.

    Daddy sold a load of kit on EBay and said if it made over X, he could have the difference.

    Last weekend we went out with a wallet full of notes and he bought it. He is only 5 1/4 (the quarter is important when you are 5) so there is not a lot he could do to *earn* it, but he did what he could and boy he is pleased with it.

    Now he is saving for the big mining set…

    • You are a great example of great parenting! Because of delayed gratification..your son treasures his new Death Star toy! Great job..kudos to you and your family for teaching your son such a valuable lesson!

      • Not quite 40 says:

        Thank you 🙂 He is truly a great kid, and I was touched that his first response was to think of what he was going to save for next – and NOT to go out and buy a load of tat. It took all of us three days to build the lego Death Star, and we had a lot of fun doing it – a worthwhile investment, in my opinion 😀

  12. John says:

    Three cheers for the last sign!

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