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No Green Beer Here

on March 16, 2013


Aye..sorry to say, if you’re looking for a green beer; you’ll be needing  to tap on another’s door.  We’ve got no green beer here.

Now, I am very proud of my Irish heritage and in past years, I was never more proud than on St. Patty’s Day; and I was never sober on that day either.  I would don my green “Kiss Me I’m Irish” tee-shirt, place my plastic derby on my head and traipse down to the nearest bar that sported a name such as “Flanagans” or “O’Reillys”.  There I would join my fellow Irishmen (everyone is Irish as Paddy’s pig on this day of celebration) and drink green beer until I couldn’t dance a decent Irish jig (at least not without falling.)

I come from a long line of Irish drunks drinkers and I felt it my duty to carry on the family tradition of celebrating St. Pats day with pride!  But, this year will be different.  My SO, Danny has serious health issues caused by years of drinking; he was warned that the next drink could kill him.  So, we both gave up the brew and now amuse ourselves by watching other tipplers fall off the bar stools while we drink soda pop and offer rides home to our inebriated friends.

Will I miss my green beer tomorrow?  Nah, not really.  We’ll have a quiet celebration which involves cooking corn beef and cabbage and sipping on water.  We’re going to leave the drinking to other people and just hope they get home safely.  It’s been almost a year since we had our last beer and now we hardly think about alcohol.  We’ve saved a bundle of money that used to be spent on suds and hangovers are now just a dim memory.  It’s all good!

To those of you who are able to tip a few tomorrow; I hope you have a great time and dance a jig for us!  Just don’t drink and drive; you don’t want the local constabulary taking you away in the Paddy Wagon!  Believe me, it’s a lot cheaper to call a cab then it is to pay a lawyer when you get a DUI!  I speak from experience!  Play it smart and drink responsibly!

So, in closing, Danny and I want to wish all of you a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day and I’ll leave you with an auld Irish blessing!

May God grant you many years to live,
For sure he must be knowing.
The earth has angels all too few.
And heaven is overflowing.


6 responses to “No Green Beer Here

  1. Aurora says:

    Well if you feel the need to drink something green, there’s always the shamrock shakes at McDonalds (which I think taste like toothpaste eeww) or there’s always my personal favorite I made for the kids…lemon lime koolaid.

  2. Drinking beer is fun … and easy (blogged ’bout Harp and Guinness just yesterday) … stopping cold turkey isn’t … quite the accomplishment! Happy St. Paddy’s Day cranky. 😉

  3. Binoccai na fete Padraig! My Irish Mom taught me that…

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