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on March 18, 2013

As a mother and a grandmother, I am outraged. Read this and you’ll find out why!

Basharr's Outpost

I have been watching Bill Oreilly push for all states to adopt “Jessica’s Law” and to be honest I cannot understand why the good people of Colorado can launch an attack on our second amendment and seek to ban guns yet do not feel people who choose to violate children in the worst ways do not deserve harsher sentencing. Official after official has been on The Factor and those with the power to start the push for Jessica’s Law say their laws are very harsh and do not need Jessica’s Law. So let’s take a look at how well the state of Colorado protects the children by keeping these monsters who would do them harm off the streets.

In Colorado, 47-year-old Jeffrey Bigham, sexually abused a 11- year-old boy almost a thousand times. He got one year in a Colorado prison. One year, Oh my God one year? He should…

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