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Another Fallen Hero

on March 18, 2013

baghdad-xmas Linnerooth

Dr. Peter Linnerooth




War is Hell, and no one knew that as well as Dr. Peter Linnerooth.  After treating hundreds of soldiers stateside and overseas. he saw firsthand the effects of war on America’s soldiers.  Dr. Linnerooth treated hundreds of soldiers for their nightmares, insomnia, shock, grief and the wish to just end it all.   His treatment succeeded in preventing many of these men from committing suicide to shut out the demons.

He had his own mental battle wounds that he carried back with him into civilian life, and struggled to find the same help that he gave to his patients to treat his own PTSD.

On January 2, after a fight on the phone with his wife, he put a gun to his head and ended his life.  His best friend, Brock McNabb was shocked and saddened, but he felt he knew why his friend had pulled the trigger.

“For the record, Pete Linnerooth did not want to die,” McNabb says. “He just wanted the pain to end. Big difference.”

Dr. Linnerooth had just become another victim of the sad lack of concern for the mental condition of returning veterans by the military, our government and the Veterans Administration.  Veterans, who have witnessed the horrors of war and seen what no human mind is meant to withstand, have very limited resources in dealing with their PTSD  and suicide is the way out for too many of these soldiers.

Dr. Linnerooth himself, warned of the dangers of burnout among other psychologists in the military.  They are expected to treat too many soldiers in too little time until it affects not only the quality of the treatment of the patient, but the mental health of the psychologists themselves.

This man, who had helped so many of our soldiers deal with their demons, found himself alone in dealing with his.  The VA denied him access to psychiatric treatment outside the VA; they labeled him 100% disabled due to PTSD and they fired him from his job treating veterans for their drug abuse and PTSD because he had failed to obtain the required licensing.  This Bronze Star recipient was now out of a job, feeling worthless and dealing with PTSD on his own.  Because of his depression, his second marriage was now in trouble.  Is it any wonder that he decided to end his life?

Our veterans deserve so much more from us, much more than what was provided to Dr. Linnerooth.  We need to build the mental health facilities required and staff them with enough physicians to restore these broken men back to health and return them to a peaceful, productive life.  We Need To Care!

Sadly, until the horror of war ends; until the military and our government start allocating the resources to provide quality mental health treatment to our returning soldiers; deaths such as Dr. Linnerooths will continue.  It will be the only way these brave men, who fought so valiantly, can achieve peace.  And, it will be our loss and our shame to bear when these men see suicide as the only path available to stop the pain.

We must find a way to end this senseless loss of life;  we must write our government officials and let them know that the lack of facilities to treat our military must be addressed..Now!  And, if you know of a veteran suffering, reach out a hand and try to help ease their pain.  Dr. Linnerooth will look down from heaven and be proud!

Author’s Note:  This piece was written on behalf of the “Bloggers For Peace” organization.  I was pointed to this organization by Card Castles In The Sky (click on the site name to link to the site).  Check out her site; you won’t be sorry.  For more information on our work and how to join..just click on the badge below my gravatar.  It will lead you to us and give you information about our group.  Thanks for reading…and PEACE!

11 responses to “Another Fallen Hero

  1. Such a sad story but such a beautiful post! Thanks for the Pingback, darling. 🙂 Your kind words are much appreciated.

  2. Kozo says:

    This is a powerful reminder that we need to help everyone who seeks solace. Even though this doctor helped others with PTSD, he needed help himself yet was denied this help. Such a sad story that needs to be told. Thank you for sharing. And thank you for being part of Bloggers for Peace. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

  3. 1EarthUnited says:

    Indeed a sad commentary on how the military fails to address the basic needs of soldiers suffering from PTSD. I’m outraged about this lack of concern from our own government who sends young men into battle without any regard for their mental and physical well being, so yes I’m writing a letter to my local congressman. Here’s how:

    I pray that the mental suffering will end with better treatment and care for our brave ones.
    Thanks for this powerful and informative post.

    • And thank you for the link and the comments. I’m going to use that link once the letter I’ve been putting together is done. Can’t thank you enough for the info and I’ll spread the link!

  4. johnlmalone says:

    a sad and disturbing story; it does highlight deficiencies of the system of dealing with such issues

    • Hey sweetheart* (my last comment got cut off)
      I just wanted to let you know I FINALLY got your mail about this post! Ugh! I don’t want uou to think I was ignoring you. There seems to be a problem with my WordPress contact system that is not letting me reply to you. So, I’ll probably be shutting that down in yhe next few days & just tell people to e-mail me directly. ANYWAY! Your post is fine, dear. Just be sure to tag it “B4Peace” so other Bloggers for Peace can find you. A lot of us also link to each others posts.
      If you have any further questions don’t hestitate to ask! I’m here for ya & I apologize one million times over for my stupid technical difficulties that resulted in my late response to you. Forgive me?
      *puppy face*

      • Your are one of my besties! Funny thing, I didn’t read the rules very clearly so I wrote 2 more pieces in one day. Guess I’m good to go till next month! Love ya!

        Hope you get things settled down. I’ve got a tech problem too with Camp NaNoWriMo on one of their screens and we’re still working on it! Good luck!

      • I think I’ve gotten rid of the problem by simply eliminating that system and having everyone e-mail me directly.
        You’re one of my besties too! 🙂 *hugs*

        & Don’t you worry! There are no strict rules. You can write as many posts as you like. Some write one every day!

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