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Doing It Right

on March 21, 2013

You’re standing at a checkout counter.  A distraught woman rushes up for help with her two-year old toddler; the child has stopped breathing.  Would you know what to do?  Well, Rowan O’Neill did.  After failed attempts to clear her airway, he put the child on the counter, performed CPR and saved the child’s life.

There is no doubt that this man is a hero for stepping up to the plate.  He deserves all the respect and praise that is coming his way.  Hopefully, every one of us would have jumped in to help this young child…but would we have done what’s right?

The concern I have when I watch this video is the procedure used to try to clear a child’s airway. When a child is choking you never turn them upside down.  You need to administer 5 back blows to the victim while they are standing or sitting.  Turning them upside down could just further lodge whatever is blocking the airway.  If that fails, then you attempt the Heimlich maneuver to try to clear the airway.

O’Neill was quite correct to assume that the child was not breathing due to choking..and he was correct in trying to clear a possible blockage.  O’Neill then moved on to the CPR that most likely saved the child’s life.  I was most impressed as I watched O’Neill used a short, quick breathing technique that some people are not aware of. O’Neill appeared on “A Current Affair” and stated:

“I jammed my finger into her throat, and pulled her mouth open.  We just started giving CPR, short small breaths because she’s only got little lungs. Eventually, you just saw the flicker come back into her eyes.”

Some people would not have known how to properly administer mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a small child; luckily O’Neill did.  The procedure for chest compressions also differ when performing them on a child versus an adult.  Care must be taken to do more good than harm when performing CPR.  Kudos to O’Neill for having that knowledge.

But, faced with the same situation, would we know how to properly administer CPR to a child?  Would we be able to do it right?  The only sure way is to take a CPR class that covers both children and adults..there are many of them out there.  At the very least, there are a multitude of videos out there that show the proper techniques.

You might not have kids and don’t think you’ll need that information, until someone places a dying child in your arms and pleads for your help.  Be a hero and learn how to do CPR the right way.  You too could save a child’s life.

Now, don’t adjust your sound..there is none.  This is a surveillance video of the event that occurred.  Watch a hero in action!

You can read the story of the Supermarket Hero by clicking here.

12 responses to “Doing It Right

  1. 1tric says:

    The fear of doing it wrong stops most people doing anything. The dad of my brothers best friend was a college lecturer. One day whilst lecturing to a group of almost 400 bright college students he had a cardiac arrest. Not one person even attempted to resuscitate him. Even getting it wrong might have helped!

    • I cannot imagine anyone not attempting to do anything. I am only trying to promote education on CPR because I know of 2 cases where chest compressions were performed and it wound up in the death of the person they were trying to help.
      Those students would have been protected here in the U.S. by the “Good Samaritan Law” which protects rescuers from being prosecuted or sued. I don’t think the fear of doing it wrong is what kept them from helping.
      I am so sorry about your friends Dad..someone should have stepped in..wrong or right, I agree. I just want people to learn the right way, not stop them from helping!

  2. Actually, no sound needed. When the two men hugged, you knew the happy ending.

  3. kerbey says:

    Yes, I’m glad I didn’t put mascara on today, bc that hug made me start crying. How moving.

  4. That is terrific!! I’ll bet a lot of people have walked past that man, seen his tattoos, and discounted him, not knowing that a hero was inside with a great big heart that is willing to help others!

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