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“My Babies Are For Sale”

on March 22, 2013

Are you shocked?  Well, so was I when I read of a young woman who tried to sell her children on Facebook.  I wondered what could possess a woman to put her children up for sale?  If you think you’re shocked at the fact that this pitiful excuse of a mother was willing to sell her kids..wait until you find out the reason.

Meet Misty Van Horn.


Misty is a 22 year old woman who was desperate to get her boyfriend out of jail.  She went door to door asking for people to give money so she could bond him out.  Unsuccessful, she thought of a sure way to raise the money…she would sell her kids.  She contacted a woman on Facebook and offered to sell 1 child for $1000 each or you could buy both kids for $4000 (yeah, do the math..that was Misty’s idea of a discount!)  This was the value she put on her children and the price she was willing to accept to get her sleazeball boyfriend out of jail.

As shocked as I was, I dug a little deeper and found that Misty is only one of a number of other mothers who have put their babies up for sale.

Rose Faucett and Phillip Hester, an Indiana couple,  had a beautiful baby daughter.  They were arrested when it was reported that they had signed a contract to sell their daughter to a convicted child molester and his sister, a convicted child abuser.  The price? $300.00.

Anna Riggs, 26, of Indiana, and her husband, Brandon Riggs, considered their 4-month-old daughter a little more valuable; they sold their child for $13,000, a used car and oh yeah, a stockpile of drugs.  What a deal!  Did I mention that they sold their baby to a couple of drug dealers?

Two Walmart shoppers in Salinas, CA., called police, after Patrick Fousek, 38, offered to sell them his 6-month-old daughter for $25. The women told police that they thought Fousek was joking, but when he insisted, they became alarmed. Fousek and the child’s mother, 20-year-old Samantha Tomasini were arrested and Fousek was sent to jail. He was severely beaten by inmates who had heard of what he had allegedly done. I guess some criminals frown on selling your child.

Luckily, all of these so-called parents were discovered and arrested and the children were placed in protective care.

I couldn’t find out if these parents had been sentenced or if they had, what the sentence was.  I can only hope that they serve prison time for the crimes they committed and if the mothers have children in the future..child services keeps an eye out for those kids.

I do know that Misty has pleaded not guilty.  So, she gets her day in court, where she can tell the judge why her boyfriend was more important than her two kids.  Wish I could be there!


17 responses to ““My Babies Are For Sale”

  1. ericaatje says:

    Well, I clicked on ‘Like’, but I really don’t like this at all. How can you sell your children!? I don’t have children of my own, but I love my husband’s children. I wouldn’t sell them for the world!

  2. Thank you for calling attention to this, even though I hated knowing about it. I’m glad those people were stopped! What really frightens me are those who didn’t get caught. This is evil!

    • I too am concerned about the children that slipped through the cracks. But, I couldn’t find any cases where that happened. So maybe people who had a brain contacted authorities when they discovered what was going on. At least, I hope so.

  3. joehoover says:

    An awful saga, and what a waste of her life when she has such a brilliant name, she could have been someone with a name like that

  4. kerbey says:

    As someone who spent seven years of infertility and thousands on surgery and meds, only to have a miscarriage, I cannot FATHOM why someone would do that if they were not on drugs and batshi# crazy. That’s my first question to God: “Why did you give babies to the ones who didn’t want them, and not to the ones who would cherish them?”

  5. If we approach this case from an objective standpoint, the picture is entirely different.
    The poor woman is merely a victim of the evil system, and so is her boyfriend. A counter-example: a rich member of the economical elite who altogether cause the recession and the consequently increasing poverty in the US (and elsewhere) would not face this issue – she could raise the money without selling her kid.

    While no one seemed to hurry to help the poor woman out by raising the money she needed, everyone is so fast judging her. Maybe she sold her kid because she can’t raise the child anyway without her boyfriend. Maybe her other option would be giving away the child for free, then to kill herself. In the rapidly deepening crisis, the latter story is what happens to many millions of others, both in the US and elsewhere, how is that “better” from what she did?

    Another point I wish to make: when being experienced from inside, the entire story will feel a lot different. As we speak many of us are already thrown into the middle of a real Hunger Games story and under those wild circumstances EVERYONE, without exception, gets transformed into something and someone else.

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