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Hot And Steamy Or Soft And Dreamy?

on March 25, 2013


You’re reading a novel…two characters are being pulled together by destiny.  You watch as these future lovers are thrown together, then pulled apart by adversity.  And then, wait for it…wait for it..there it is.  The sex scene!

This is the point of the novel, where I’m sorry to say, I page forward.  You gasp and say “Why? Is Grandma a prude?”

No, no my readers.  Grandma just likes her romance whispered in her ear; not shoved in her face.  I don’t need a blow by blow description of how the hero delivers or how his partner was brought to Olympian heights of pleasure.  Have you ever noticed that when these two characters get together, it’s usually THE BEST they’ve ever had.  Can you name one character that mutters “Is it over yet?” during the lovemaking?

How come these couples are always insatiable?  Come on, even Superheros get worn out after the third go around.

Modern writers are now including the use of a condom during these hot, sultry events.  Wow, what a visual I get when I picture the hero having to take the time to don one of those babies!  I commend them for their public health concerns but it sure does put a crimp in the guy’s rhythm during the seduction phase.

What do I like to read?  I like when the hero gently looks into the woman’s eyes with love, caresses her arms (not her boobs) tenderly and leans over to whisper how beautiful she is.  He places soft kisses on her face and lips until she’s a mass of quivering jelly.  He holds her hand in his and guides her to the bedroom.  AND HE SHUTS THE DOOR!

I like when a writer leaves the actual lovemaking to my imagination.  Let me dream of how perfect he is as a lover.  That to me is more romantic than getting a detailed description of this guy’s talents in bed.  I’ll know by the next chapter if he bombs or not.  She’ll either be breathless and panting; or looking around for her undies while he sleeps, so she can make a quiet exit.

Want to know what scene has stuck in my mind over the years and gets my award for “Most Romantic Moment?”  When Rhett Butler sweeps Scarlett into his arms and carries her up that long, long staircase.  Ahhh…now that’s magic and he didn’t have to rip off one piece of her outfit!

Now I know that some readers like the hot and steamy details of the character’s romp in bed.  If that’s what they want, then I say “Go For It!”  I’m just not one of them; so I’ll continue to read over those pages and keep my dreams of what happens behind that closed door to myself.  But, give me those soft and dreamy moments in your novel and you’ve got yourself a reader for life!

So, tell me true!  Do you like your novels Hot and Steamy or Soft and Dreamy?


18 responses to “Hot And Steamy Or Soft And Dreamy?

  1. grannyK says:

    I agree with you. I feel the same about movies. We KNOW what they are going to do, we don’t have to see it!

  2. Please shut the door. I get it, I don’t need a visual. Wouldn’t it be funny if a writer “really” described what goes on?!

  3. dmauldin53 says:

    Give me a good mystery/thriller anytime. I say, ‘Bah Humbug’ to all romance.

  4. keladelaide says:

    So is it fair to assume that you haven’t read 50 shades?

  5. Don’t know about `Olympian Heights` but I could recommend `Wuthering Heights` – no, not`withering`, I said `Wuthering`.

    Hot and steamy Victorian style.

  6. Bastet says:

    I guess I’m more your dreamy type, I like my books to leave things to my imagination…and I like my mysteries to be brainy not dripping in blood…

  7. Depends on the novel and how it is presented.

  8. Sam says:

    How about… *gasp* … we wait until AFTER there’s are rings involved, one on her hand and one on his?

    If that makes me a prude, so be it. Guess I’m the soft and dreamy, leave-it-up-to-the-imagination type, if that answers your question. 😉

  9. I think it depends. I’m kind of a humor junkie… so if there’s an anxious dog that just wont leave the couple alone, or she remembers at the last minute she didn’t shave/trim/wax/whatever her hoo-ha, or maybe they just just are so excited they bonk noggins and end up rubbing each others head instead of … well… you know, I’m ok with that. Otherwise I’m with you on the less is more point of view. 🙂

  10. Fuuny . . . I get a lot of my books from my mom. She belongs to several book clubs. Some of the stories have hot and steamy, and all I can think about is . . . my MOTHER has read this! (always the daughter) . . .

  11. Aurora says:

    I am also of the less is more mindset when it comes to novels, both reading and writing them. Sometimes I struggle with finding a balance between too much and too little detail. I never have been comfortable giving the “play by play” in any one of the books I’ve written. Usually I prefer to start a scene and then even if I don’t gloss over it, I at least let it proceed with a minimum of detail, and at least leave most of it to the reader’s imagination.

    Maybe everyone has their own approach. I would make a really poor romance novelist for sure I think.

  12. TamrahJo says:

    Shut the door or, if a movie, pan camera to the fluttering curtain with moonbeams shining in and show the stars revolve until the sun comes up – then show the hero with rumpled hair and fully pajamied bringing breakfast in bed to his lady love (and something better on the tray than cold cereal), which she eats while he informs her he’ll drive the kids to school and wash the windows today, while she works on her novel….

    Now THAT’s Romance!
    Yes, I’m a card-carrying member of the PU (Prudester’s Union)

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