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The Magical Egg

on March 30, 2013


Ah, to be a child again, just for this one night.  To dream of a pure, white Rabbit, traveling towards our home, laden with eggs and baskets to hide around our living room.  And to dream of the “Magic Egg.”

There were four kids in our family; I had two brothers and a younger sister.  My Easter Eve was always spent planning how to best my siblings in finding those elusive eggs.  You had to be quick; you had to have sharp eyes and you had to be ready to go the distance when our mother would say “I believe there’s still two more to be found!”

After the hunt, aglow with pride at our hunting prowess; we would be treated to Hot Cross Buns and Hot Chocolate for Breakfast.  While eating, we would gaze lovingly at the Easter Baskets and grow impatient to tear them open and discover the hidden treasures under the grass.  And, I would stare at my “Magic Egg.”

Besides beautifully colored eggs (some with our own names on them) and Easter Baskets laden with sweets, the Easter Bunny always brought a “Little Something Extra!” for us.  My brother’s each got a Silver Dollar in an envelope with their name on it; my sister and I would get what I called “The Magic Egg.”

The “Magic” egg was a wondrous thing to behold.  The size of a miniature football, it wore colored paper and glitter that twinkled; and when you shook it, you would hear the sound of beads moving inside, alive and waiting to show you their secrets.  It was this special gift that I looked forward to each year, for it had to be unwrapped to find its priceless treasures.

But, first we would have to dress in our new Easter clothes that my Nana always bought for us, and we would have to wait until our return from church to open our baskets and uncover the “Magic” eggs.  We would march off to church, my brothers wearing suits that made them look so grown up; while my sister and I would wear our pretty flowered dresses, straw hats with colored ribbons hanging down the back and our lacy nylon socks stuffed inside a pair of shiny, black Mary Jane shoes.

After church, we would rush home, change out of our Sunday Best and head to the living room where we would finally be able to open our baskets and gouge ourselves with the chocolate treats inside.  Then, finally, it was time for my sister and I to open our “Magic” eggs.  The whole family would sit around the table, as we carefully unpeeled the paper and discovered what the egg had hidden inside.

After peeling off the first layer; a small ring would be found, another layer and a delicate chain for our necks; each layer had its own separate gift from The Easter Bunny nestled inside.  It seemed like we would spend hours peeling away the egg’s secrets until finally reaching the best gift of all.

For at the center of the “Magic Egg” was a small tube, sometimes red, sometimes pink.  My father would explain that this magical tube was called a Kaleidoscope.   I would put one end to my eye and sigh at the beauty of the colors that appeared, swirling and changing with each turn of the opposite end.  The true magic of this egg was in the mysterious beads contained in the Kaleidoscope; I would spend hours twirling the end and watching the beauty of the designs the magic beads would produce.

As we grew older, when the Easter Bunny no longer brought his treasures, the “Magic Egg” became just a memory.  When I had my own children, I searched and searched and was never able to find a “Magic Egg”, so they never experienced the joy of unwrapping those hidden treasures and the wondrous beauty of the magic beads.

But I remember.  Oh, yes, I remember well.  And how I wish I could be a wee child again tonight; filled with dreams of colored eggs, Easter Baskets and that magical egg. How wondrous that would be.

May you and your loved ones have a magical Easter Holiday!

Love, Cranky


6 responses to “The Magical Egg

  1. Bastet says:

    Ah…beautiful memories…never had a Magic Egg, such a great invention! I did have many a Kaleidoscope though, those were one of my favorite toys! When I met my present husbad, he used to teach his class how to make Kaleidoscopes in class. I hadn’t seen one in years, they don’t sell them over here. What memories! Thanks for sharing this lovely memory with us…you have yourself a Merry Little Easter morn! 😉

  2. John says:

    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  3. Basharr says:

    Our place backs up against the county fairgrounds here and this morning literally hundreds and hundreds of children did the massive egg hunt. Oh to be young again just watching the joy of all those kids filling their baskets. My wife poked fun at me about being an old softy as I was worried one very small little girl was walking around with an empty basket after the eggs had all been collected. It was about then a little boy gave her an egg her smile truly brought tears to my eyes and they have returned as I write this response.

    Happy Easter to you and all who post here. =)

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