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The Early Life Of A Writer

on April 6, 2013


Writers aren’t just born with a pen in their hand and a novel in their diapers.  They have to be introduced into the wonderful world of writing.  I first developed my love for the written word by meeting these characters, who romped and played and showed me how the ABC’s came together to form magical words.


Once I understood how words could form a story, a whole new world opened for me.  Reading became my lifeline, my escape and my salvation.  Some books served to inspire me when I was still too young to understand the word.


I moved on to books that opened up a whole new world; ones where my imagination could roam free.


Once I discovered reading, it was time to put my own thoughts and stories down on paper.  The writing tools I used differ greatly from those today.




As a young writer, I remember my reading of my first original short story “What I did on my Summer Vacation.”  It was my first attempt at creative writing, since I never did anything interesting during summer vacations.


The first time I put words on paper; I became a writer.  The tools have changed, the writing has improved with time and the inspirations come in many different forms these days.  But, when someone asks me when I knew I wanted to be a writer, I answer “The day I met Dick and Jane.”

My thanks and appreciation to all those teachers in my past who encouraged a small child’s love of reading and writing.

Do you remember when you first wanted to be a writer?

27 responses to “The Early Life Of A Writer

  1. timidvoice says:

    Beautiful! It’s been a long journey to finding out I wanted to be a writer but I guess it all started my first year of school when we wrote school diaries and I was determined to get a sticker from the principal for my entry. When I got that sticker it was one of my greatest achievements to date.

  2. mcwoman says:

    OMG – You brought back so many memories of first grade! Thanks for the post and the images. Personally, I always thought Dick and Jane were pretty boring.

  3. TamrahJo says:

    I remember well all tools of the trade you pictured – but I do not remember not being able to read – Isn’t that funny? I could no more tell a pre-schooler how to read than a bird could tell me how to fly….
    I don’t remember a time of not writing, either – which is funny, because I’ve been accused of having a ‘steel-trap’ mind, which was not given as a compliment…
    Hmm… your post this a.m. has opened up many a meandering trail in my head – – must go write now….

  4. I love Dick & Jane! You know, for awhile, Spot was known as Tip. I hate that they changed his name to Spot. I had a copy of a “Tip” book which over the years got lost . . . still wish I had it. I like to write, but I really like lettering. I think I came to writing more because I liked to do the lettering, and then found out I could write! If that makes any sense . . .

  5. mummyshymz says:

    Strangely, even though I was a voracious reader as a child, I never aspired to write. I guess I thought that I would never be able to match up.

  6. sarahcradit says:

    In second grade I wrote a story called “Sex on the Beach” (you can’t make this stuff up), which consisted of this couple going from the hotel to eat and watch TV, back down to the beach for some, er, fun, rinse repeat. I’ll never forget my mom’s reaction when the teacher called her down: a combination of horrified shock and subtle pride in my obviously vivid imagination. Although my seven-year old self was forbidden from writing racy sex stories henceforth, it was the start of my long love affair with writing.

  7. btg5885 says:

    Well done. I love the pictures interwoven into the story. Dick and Jane would be proud.

  8. Cranky, you will be pleased to know that I also learned to read with “Dick and Jane.” They were retired by the district by the next school year, when my younger brother started kindergarten.

    Wow, when did I really get interested in writing? I recall making little illustrated books in the primary grades. I remember liking to write poetry starting in 4th grade. Poetry was my main writing emphasis through high school and college. In grad school, my writing shifted to technical and scientific writing. I didn’t pick up creative writing again until I started my blog last year.

  9. Bastet says:

    Oh my…this has been like taking a walk down memory lane…how well I remember Dick and Jane…run run run, see them run…my problem was with Mother and Father…I’d always called those role players Mommy and Daddy! Thanks for this great post!

  10. Sallyann says:

    I’ve never thought of myself as a writer before, I make up lots of stories in my head, my imagination makes strange and bizzare seem like everyday happenings and I suppose I do sort of “write” about them in my blog.
    Strange how things work out isn’t it. 🙂

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