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Jumping On The Wagon

on April 9, 2013


Last May, I gave up drinking. Danny’s doctors absolutely prohibited him from drinking if he wanted to survive; I knew that the only way to succeed in keeping him on the wagon was to join him in abstaining from the brewskis.

I miss drinking sometimes; I miss it when Danny is stepping on my last nerve; I miss it when I watch football; and I miss it when I mow the lawn.  Other than that, I really don’t think about it much.  I do feel better, lost a lot of weight and I haven’t fallen in a long time.

When I do find myself wanting to tip a beer, I find something motivational that keeps me on track.  I keep this list to remind myself of some of the things I would do when I drank just a few too many!

I would believe that dancing with my arms overhead and wiggling my butt while yelling “woo-hoo”  was a new and sexy dance craze!

I would look around and decide I really wanted to kick someone’s butt..and I actually believed I could do it!

I would go to the girl’s room to pee and discover that I now looked like a homeless hooker instead of the goddess I was just four hours prior.

I would go around the bar, hugging, crying and telling everyone that I loved them soooo much (even if I didn’t know them.)

I would jump up and down when a song came on the jukebox, screaming “Oh my God, I love this song!”

I would find a deeper spiritual side to the geek sitting next to me.

I would suddenly take up smoking and become really good at it.

I would think I was in bed, but my pillow felt like the kitchen floor.

I’d take my shoes off and blame them for my not being able to walk straight.

Normally, remembering these little drinking issues straightens out my yearning to return to the suds.  After all, I’m getting to old to wake up and discover I’ve slept in my bathtub!

Just Saying!

14 responses to “Jumping On The Wagon

  1. I think every youngster should read this before going out on the town……I know it won’t stop them from drinking but hey. it made me laugh.

  2. John says:

    Congrats on making it almost a year — it’s tough, sometimes. It’s only been five months for me, and like you, I don’t miss it really… just at particular moments. I quit smoking in 2004, after twenty years of smoking… and, it’s the same, I don’t miss it, except for unexpected moments when I’m overcome with an almost manic craving for a smoke.

    I’m glad I quit drinking. I’m glad you quit, and I’m glad your husband did too.

  3. 1tric says:

    The strange thing is that some of these reasons are the reason I like to have a drink! I do know what you are saying though. As my mum says, way too regularly, “wines in wits out”

  4. Basharr says:

    I used to miss drinking, hell sometimes I still do….But you know what I don’t miss? My wife! I quit drinking to save our marriage and it worked. You see I drank professionally, well what I mean is I spent as much time drinking as if it were a job. My wife never drank so my drinking was something that bugged her because of my health and because like the song says “The more I drink, The more I drink, The more I drink.” ~Blake Shelton~ I used to not like talking about my drinking but I do it now in hopes others can see that it really can get out of hand. Congrats to you for making such a great choice. =)

  5. kerbey says:

    I’ve been “fasting” from alcohol for three weeks, and like you say, the old man can really make me want to drink. But I will try to remember these words of wisdom, and how oddly LOUD I get when drinking, and interested in stranger’s lives.

  6. andshelaughs says:

    Oh how I can relate!!! Drinking tea might be more boring, but I feel so much better for it.

  7. Sallyann says:

    Go You ! 😀
    Actually make that YOU a plural one … Go You Both. 🙂

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