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The Sky Is Falling!

on April 10, 2013


Chicken Little met Henny Penny

He said,

“The sky is Falling!”

Henny Penny said,

“How do you know, Chicken Little?”

Chicken Little said,

“Some of it fell on my tail!”

Now, I’m no Chicken Little.  I usually don’t stress over the stuff that has most people running in circles and warning that the world is about to end.

I watched bomb shelters being built in the 1950’s and scratched my head.  I laughed during the Y2 debate and kept my computer humming.  I believed the Mayan Calender ended because the Indians ran out of ink.

But, when I woke up this morning, I found this on my Facebook page.


Now, most people are probably excited about this upcoming event that happens each April.  These showers have been observed for over 2000 years.  I, however, am a little bit paranoid concerned about these meteors streaking through our skies.

After all, meteors are known by another name.  FIREBALLS!  What if a couple of these balls of fire decide to drop in for a visit?  What kind of protection would we have against that kind of firepower?

Well, I looked through the Internet and the Home Shopping Network and failed to find any kind of protective gear that would help save me in the event of a unexpected visitor from space.  I couldn’t even find a Flame Retardant Meteor Umbrella to protect my head.  So, I decided that my house would probably be the safest place to be.

I looked up some of the pictures from past meteor landings and discovered my house would be leveled by one of these babies.  (I also discovered that my homeowner’s policy didn’t cover what they considered to be an “Act of God.”)  So, I then thought that a basement would ensure my safety.

Alas, I live in Florida…digging a basement here will only result in a watery hole into which your house will eventually sink into.  I then remembered when I first arrived in Florida and heard the weather forecasters announce a Tornado warning.  I asked someone where the nearest basement was that I could take refuge in.  They smiled and said “North Carolina.”

So, without protective gear and no safe place to go, I guess I’ll just sit back on April 22 with a pair of binoculars and a megaphone.  I’ll watch with a sharp eye and be sure to let my neighbors know if it becomes time; time to put our heads between our legs and kiss our butts goodbye.

I may not be Chicken Little, but I may be a Little Chicken!

Just Saying!


27 responses to “The Sky Is Falling!

  1. Oh dear. . . am I safe in middle Engl;and?

    We had lots of coal mines in my area (before Margaret Thatcher shut them) so I should be able to dig real deep. How far do you think I should go 🙂

    • Reports have it that this event can be seen world wide. Pack a bag and head for those mines on the 22nd. Just bring a lawn chair and if one heads your way, scoot inside. I’d go real deep though…even seen one of those craters these babies leave behind? 🙂

  2. Tell me? Does your mind ever stop going? When do you sleep? Great post!

  3. Ronnie Ann says:

    Fear not, Little Chicken. I quickly did the mathematical calculations (at least in my imagination), and can assure you with well over 99.99999999 % certainty that you will not be hit by a meteor – at least not this time. (Still, a meteor shower cap would be nice.)

    Thanks as a always for the smile. Enjoy the Lyrid meteor shower!

  4. btg5885 says:

    Where in Florida? I am a Florida cracker transplanted to where the basements are in NC. Although, we are basement less in our current house.

  5. Basharr says:

    Honestly I am of the mind it is out of my hands either way so why not enjoy the show,? Just over a month ago one hit Russia if you remember, did some damage but it isn’t like we have a giant fly swatter we can smack these pesky meteors away with. =)

  6. 1tric says:

    Reminds me of when a friend of mine moved to Dublin as a child from the north. We were about 9. She was used to bomb warnings etc. As we were walking home a car passed and it backfired loudly. She flew over a wall to take cover! A bit like you but in reverse.

  7. good post. I look to the heavens and just pray. No worrying, it only causes wrinkles. WHATEVER HAPPENS … HAPPENS.

  8. Sallyann says:

    Wow, I remember Chicken Licken, I read it to my girls so many times that when the book itself finally disintergrated, I used to just recite the story to them instead. 🙂

  9. mcwoman says:

    Very funny, Grandma! Loved your take on this unique opportunity.

  10. lellielieb says:

    My husband runs the local planetarium. I think he would have told me if this was going to be a problem. No worries. 🙂

  11. I watched meteor showers in Virginia years ago, while camping at Shenandoah Natl Park. It was truly magical. Perhaps when the time comes, you will be distracted by beauty.

  12. mummyshymz says:

    What will be, will be. I’ll just enjoy the show. Any idea what time it will occur? I think we are a few time zones apart.

  13. Aurora says:

    I’ve seen a fairly bright fireball before passing over, it was a pretty neat experience actually. It was right around halloween that year, and lit the whole woods I was sitting in that night up bright as day, but only lasted about ten seconds at most. I don’t remember precisely what year it was, just that I was late teens to early twenties at the time. Thankfully most are harmless and just put on a good light show.

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