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Just In The Nick Of Time

on April 25, 2013


Oh people, you just don’t know.  The past couple of months have driven me to using my finger to flap my lips in an “Bubububu” sound of frustration.

Danny has been IN A MOOD!  Everything, and I do mean everything, has been cause for him to complain, and complain quite loudly!  The neighbor mows his lawn just to make Danny mad (according to him).  Someone having their roof pressure cleaned was cause for a straight eight hours of whining about the noise.  The weather could have been glorious and this man would have found fault with it (too breezy, too cold, too hot, just too perfect!)  Meals I have served for over twelve years now came under attack.

Now, I understand the man’s frustration.  His recovery from near death last year has slowed down.  He has yet to reconcile the fact that he now has physical limitations; he will never regain his former strength or endurance.  And, my heart breaks for him and I try my best to encourage him to enjoy each day and treat it like the blessing it is.

But, every caretaker has their limits, and I was fast approaching the point where my moods were being dragged down by all the negativity.  I was starting to wonder if I could survive the next ten to twenty years of my life listening to his moans and groans.  I was heavily leaning towards spending a week with my daughter just to hear someone laugh, or chuckle or even watch them crack a smile!  All in all, life sucked!

Then on this past Sunday, I received a call from Danny’s sister.  She wanted to make sure we were home because she had “something for Danny and I.”  While Danny was griping about unexpected company; I was hoping to beg a Valium off Sis.  About an hour later, here walked in Danny’s sister, her husband and her granddaughter.  Thinking she was bringing one of her family famous pies; I hurried to the door and was shocked to see a small furry bundle in the arms of Danny’s niece.

Danny’s sister brought me salvation in the form of a three month old Golden Retriever.  For once Danny held the dog; a huge, bright smile appeared on his face (and a tear in his eye).  It was love at first sight.

So, let me introduce you to the new addition to our family!  Here is “King Buddy” ruler of the roost!  We commoners just call him Buddy!


Within an hour after arriving, Danny was transformed from a chronic complainer into a totally happy man.  He smiles, he chuckles and he glows when he sees his new puppy!

You might think that having to care for and train a puppy would fall all on my shoulders.  But, you would be wrong!  Danny delights in taking his new friend walking and playing with him (although I do handle the early morning hours.)  However, I am amazed to find that Buddy loves to do his “business” out doors.  There hasn’t been an “Oops!” in the house since his second day here!

So, my sanity has returned and Danny’s outlook on life has brightened..all because of a little furry creature.  I now believe that there is somewhere up there who heard my prayers and sent me a “therapy” angel to save me from being forced into institutional care.

Yeah, Buddy!

33 responses to “Just In The Nick Of Time

  1. frankiedman says:

    Amen!! It’s great to see people become positive again!!! I’m very happy for you guys!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Basharr says:

    Awesome! Dogs are great friends, we have two a basset hound and a long haired black chiguagua no idea how to spell the breeds name but he is only 8 months old and we are his 4th and final home. I relish in the affection and celebrity status afforded us by the pooches.

  3. grannyK says:

    Beautiful dog!

  4. keladelaide says:

    Goldies are the best. We have an 11y.o.gorgeous natured girl who is my third child.

    • I can’t believe how intelligent even a 3 month old puppy can be! Already housebroke, believe it or not! Now if Buddy would just stop chewing up the outside of the house, life would be perfect! 🙂

  5. Yay! That’s way better than a pie and a good pie is a thing of beauty.

  6. mummyshymz says:

    Aww… I love golden retrievers. They are such sweet, loving dogs. I’m sure there will be more happy days henceforth. 🙂

  7. Bastet says:

    Ah…how I know the feeling…my dear hubby, when he hit 70 decided he was old…and became a chronic complainer…wish someone would bring me a sanity saviour before I take out my axe 😉 ! Thanks for sharing!

    • Chronic complainer…that describes what Danny was to a T. I just hope the current up mood he’s in will continue. Otherwise, a call to the doctor and meds might be in order.

  8. tric says:

    Mmmm. We had to put our dog down recently but now you have given me a longing, just after I commented to the negative, on another blog, whose dog ate their mattress!

    • I’m laughing so loud right now! My son had a mix that loved to chew up mattresses and walls! Took a long time to break her of it.

      We lost our beloved Australian Shepard about a year and a half ago. “Irreplaceable” we cried when anyone suggested getting another pup. I’m so sorry about your loss of a good dog.

      Happily, that’s not the case. This dog has filled a gap that has been empty for too long. I do want to say that I have time to spend with him for training, etc. Some people get a puppy and think they come all trained and all you have to do is enjoy it. They aren’t prepared for the work it takes to have a well behaved doggie. That’s when the pup starts eating the stuffing out of your bed! 🙂

  9. jessicanix says:

    Soft, fuzzy creatures are excellent healers, they just make people happy!

  10. mcwoman says:

    It’s hard not to drown in “sea of negativity” in a caregiver’s life. I’m so glad that you were able to tread water until help arrived in a rescue dog. So far, my husband who has MS has remained positive no matter what has happened to him. I am thankful everyday that he is so positive. And our little Ernie the pug stands by to bring us joy on the bad days –sounds like Buddy is doing the same. I’m so happy for you.

  11. ericaatje says:

    How great!!! Miracles do exist!!! A furry wonder!!! 😉

  12. TamrahJo says:

    So happy for all of you – and so glad to hear about prayers being answered.

  13. hownottokillyourparents says:

    Adorable! Puppies are magical. I mean, they are chewing, slobbering, destructo-machines, but they are magic. Ours has brought us together, brought light into my dad’s life… congratulations on your new fur-baby.

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