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Enough Already!

on April 27, 2013


Back in my drinking days, I learned a very valuable lesson.  You don’t talk about religion or politics in a bar, period.  It’s never gonna have a happy ending.  Well, I treat my blog site in the same way..I don’t put my religious or political views out there for debate.  My views on both are mine..I hold them close and personal.  So, there!

That said, I am going to break that rule today..and for today only.  Because, I have heard and seen enough about Gun Control that I want to gag!  Hundreds of posters on Facebook, pamphlets left on my door, and phone calls from advocates of one proposed Gun Law or another have all driven me to distraction. So, here goes!

I have to address both sides of this issue, it’s the way I roll.  So lets start out with my talking to those of you who are so scared that the government is going to take away your weapons.  I guess you’re missing the word Control in the phrase Gun Control Laws.

And, yes, control of the sale of guns has become necessary.  Too bad if you have to give up those semiautomatic you use to pulverize a deer with; sorry about your luck if you have to pass a more intensive examination prior to being given a weapon that has the capacity to kill a fellow human.

Guns are currently available to people that should never have a weapon in their hands; the mentally ill, drug dealers and those unable to handle the responsibilities that go with owning a gun.  So, if stricter control of the sale of guns will keep even one future killer from creating mayhem..then suck it up!

Now, for those of you sitting back smiling, thinking Cranky has just walked over to the side of those who want to abolish the right to own a gun..think again.  We are Americans; our right to bear arms is guaranteed in the Constitution of The United States.  Your attempts to take away those rights are just wrong.’re trying to limit one of our most fundamental rights that our forefather’s fought so hard for.

In your world, only military and law enforcement should be able to carry a weapon.  Huh!  Try using your pillow during a home invasion and see if that works from keeping those guys from harming you or your family.  Tell me that if your children are being threatened with bodily harm you wouldn’t use a gun to protect them.

You are trying to take away our right to defend our homes and families and that’s just not gonna happen!  We need to get illegal weapons off the streets; we need to have the right to have legal protection in our homes.

So, there you are!  Cranky thinks that both sides are right..and both sides need to start making some concessions regarding Gun Control Laws.  There is no easy answer to these issues.  All we, as Americans, can do is educate ourselves and sanely vote for bills that promote a safer world and ensure our rights are not trampled on.

Now, I’m not done!  I want to speak to each side separately.

To those idiots who have posted their children’s pictures on Facebook while holding semi-automatic weapons..all I can say is Really?  Way to go, Mom and Dad.  That sure is gonna swing my vote your way.  Do you really think pictures like that promote your cause?

And to the other side of the group, I am ashamed of you.  Using tragedies such as Newton and Colorado to bring people over to your side of the fence is so wrong on so many levels.  These tragedies were committed by mentally unbalanced individuals who happened to have used semi-automatic weapons.

I would love to see the money spent on Gun Control advertising, pro or con, used for mental health facilities and resources.  Let’s admit we need to address the lack of mental health facilities and resources for those battling mental illness.  Let’s get them off the streets and give them some help understanding and help dealing with their demons.

Let’s throw some of that money towards our beleaguered law enforcement people so they can get the criminals and drugs off our streets along with the illegal weapons. Let’s use intelligence and not hysteria to make these things happen.  Because truthfully, I’ve had enough!

Now, I’m done and as usual, I’m just saying!

24 responses to “Enough Already!

  1. Once again, we see eye to eye 100%!!

  2. That & they need to stop laying off police officers in towns with low incomes & high crime rates because of “budget cuts”. I’ve seen that happening a lot in my state. It’s a damn shame. Once the police presence is nonexistent – the crime skyrockets.

    • So true..that’s why the money the lobbyists are spreading around could go to much more worthwhile causes!

    • Basharr says:

      I totally agree, as well if they have to lay off police why in the heck announce it to the criminals?

    • Aurora says:

      I’m from one such town sadly, and when it happened there burglaries alone quadrupled in just one year. My door got kicked in twice in one month in fact (as if they left anything behind the first time really worth coming back for)

      The argument for gun control is all well and good. There should be background checks to buy a gun, and the few days waiting period is a good idea. Waiting 5 days really isn’t a huge inconvenience. But I don’t think people should be banned permanently from owning weapons based on non-criminal things that happened long ago. Someone who sought treatment for depression at 20 and has recovered shouldn’t be banned from buying a gun at 40 to defend themselves. Even most people who have had some problems in the past aren’t a danger to themselves or others.

      I do agree that there needs to be vastly more funding for not only mental health treatment in this nation, but also substance abuse treatment, as these issues often go hand in hand. Not only that but substance abuse is usually a big source of fuel behind rising crime rates.

      Criminals who want guns will get their hands on them anyway, they will buy them off the street, or steal them from law abiding people during burglaries. It happens every day. I don’t think the responsible citizens should be punished because of the less than legal actions of others. I surely wouldn’t want a family left defenseless against an armed invader.

  3. Basharr says:

    It is the word “Control” that bothers me and the reality is plain and simple, Gun Control in any form only works on law abiding citizens. That said I am all for pitching law enforcement extra funds and sending them after street gangs big time because that is where we see the absolute most gun violence. Always remember any intrusion on our rights is less we have and the more power our elected officials have over us….Whew breaks out of my survivalist/patriot mantra. =) Just saying…lol I too would like to see the debate disappear we have bigger problems in this country to deal with.I say that because the debate itself is a lot of hot air on both sides.

    • Thanks my friend..for reading and commenting. And I agree..let’s stop the controversy and focus on the healing and needs of our fellow Americans.

      • Basharr says:

        Amen to that! We need to pull this country back together politicians have driven such a wedge into it. I am currently researching the legalities of creating a non profit organization in order to hopefully help the elderly on SSI meet their food needs. Currently in Ca you cannot get food stamps if you are on SSI but I know many people on SSI have trouble paying rent.America has remaind strong because we care about each other…That is changing.

      • I must say that here in Florida (land of the nearly dead and newly weds) we have a lot of resources for assistance for the needy. But, there are never enough with these hard times.

        Good for you for recognizing your states lack of resources and doing something about it!

  4. btg5885 says:

    Thanks for your post. The dilemma to me is we are solving the wrong problem. We don’t talk about it enough, but it is the one that happens every day. The tragedy in Newtown, Aurora, Va Tech, etc. are terrible, but they are dwarfed by the killing that goes on every day. We have 87% of all children gun deaths when looking at the top 23 wealthiest countries. It’s a gun issue, it’s a poverty issue, it’s not being able to have civil disagreement, it’s the violent entertainment industry which makes it seem OK to kill. But, it is a gun issue as a gun is designed to kill. So, owning a gun should not be too easy. Background checks for all purchases are a must. That is my two cents. Thanks for posting. BTG

  5. Bastet says:

    Sock it to ’em Granny! 😉 I’m with you!

  6. TamrahJo says:

    I see both sides as well and beg for there to be a compromise so we can lay this issue to rest and start tackling all hundred-thousand other problems we’re facing – like, will we have a house to protect, or a purse that has money in it, five years from now? LOL

  7. mcwoman says:

    When the Constitution was written, guns had one shot. That one shot took time to load and more time to fire. Automatic rifles which fire 50 round clips are not what our forefathers were protecting. I think they would have considered that absurd.

    • I agree 100% that semi automatic weapons are dangerous in the wrong hands..but so are single shot revolvers. There should be a way to reach a consenus on the Gun Control issue and stop all the controversy. That was my point for this post.

      We have so many other issues to be resolved and much better ways to put our tax dollars such as stronger law enforcement and mental health facilities.

      Thanks for commenting, my friend!

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