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Just One Of Those Days

on April 27, 2013


I woke up this morning and jumped out of bed, ready to greet the day!  Oh, hell, I’ll tell you the truth.  I dragged my sorry butt out of bed and grumbled all the way to the kitchen.  I was in a lousy mood and I have no idea why.

Ever have that happen?  For no good reason, you wake up and just feel like crap.  Nothing you can put your finger on…just an overall, swimming through mud feeling that hangs on with a death grip throughout the day.  The black aura that surrounds you scares the hell out of anyone you encounter.

The dog takes one look at you and decides to spend the day in the yard; your family remembers chores that take them way out of your vicinity, preferably the next state, and phone callers are quick to end conversations with your bad, surly self.

So, what’s a crank to do?  I could sit down and hold a pity party for myself but I doubt that’s gonna bring a smile to my face.  Or, I could jump back in bed and dare anyone to cross the threshold until the black fog disappears.

Or, I could put on my Big Girl Britches and shake it off,  just refuse to succumb to the feeling of being sucked into a black hole.

I decided to take a “Me” day!  I announced to Danny and our son (who is visiting and used to being waited on hand and foot) that they are on their own.  They are to pretend there is a great big “DO NOT DISTURB” sign hanging from my neck and to risk asking for anything would not be healthy for them!  I decided to throw all housework (except making my bed..gotta do that!) to the wind and do things I enjoy…by myself!

So, today has been spent taking a long walk followed by a longer drive by the beach.  I sat and people watched, I took pictures of the birds and I basically took some time to enjoy my surroundings.

Slowly, my dark mood disappeared and a smile even broke through as I watched little one’s cavorting in the water.  By the time I returned home, I felt rejuvenated, renewed and a lot more like myself.

And, it’s still early in the afternoon; I have more “Me” time coming!  So, I’m gonna kick back and get some reading done; take a long hot soak in the tub and then spend time catching up with my blogging buddies.

I think everyone needs a little “Me” time once in a while.  Time to enjoy being one with one’s world is so necessary for our mental health.  I know it did me a lot of good.

So, the day has not been wasted wallowing in self-pity and gloom and I got a lot of inspiration from my excursions.  All in all, what could have been a really crappy day has turned into one that I enjoyed to the fullest.

Do you get “Me” time?  Just asking!

24 responses to “Just One Of Those Days

  1. lellielieb says:

    I completely identify. It happens to me every couple of months. Your plan sounds great. The ocean always lifts my spirits.

  2. Basharr says:

    You might not know it from some of my posts but I am actually a very jovial person, I have a wonderful wife and she says I look exactly like Brad Pitt…Only Different. =)

    Our house backs up to the county fair grounds which I often sit in the mornings and watch wildlife while having my morning coffee. The other day I woke up grumpy, spilled my coffee, had to search for my glasses it was just one of “Those” days. So I sit down new cup of coffee glasses in place open the window as I love the cool morning breeze and almost immediately I hear someone yelling “NO!, NO!, and I hear a bit of commotion, then all of a sudden a deer goes flying by the window at top speed, being chased by a dog barking like mad and a man running as fast as he could to catch the dog. For some reason this broke the bad mood and brought hardy laughter from the gut. Not sure why but my day was much better, Thanks for your post =)

  3. tric says:

    Not today. Had 30 little ones at a competiion 9-5pm but my youngest has just gone to bed, so its time for blog reading, and some of what you have stopped drinking!

  4. Yes! Just today… Started off just like you and ended up feeling soooo much better, just like you 🙂

  5. Oh I love this post! I have discovered if you don’t ask for me time you aren’t going to get it. Most mums think about it, I now just say what I need and life is better for it.

  6. Oh, Cranky! I AM all about ME time! That is when I grab the camera and head to the Reservation for some picture taking. Sometimes the cat even has to WAIT for his chicken!

  7. John says:

    Yay for me time! I always require a large dose of it … practically daily.

  8. Good for you! I do take “me” time on my walk each day. Being outside gives me a calm energy even when the weather is on the nasty side.

  9. Bastet says:

    Me days are the ONLY way to go…sometimes you’ve just got to do what you’ve got to do and do a little careing for yourself! 😉

  10. Gwen says:

    Glad you took that time and feel no guilt about it. You’re right – we all need it now and then, especially us wives & mothers. Hope the novel’s coming along well.

  11. TamrahJo says:

    Glad you took your “Me” time – 🙂
    I have these days – first, I do not resist the feeling – I sink fully into it, which means I am so miserable, I’m ready to “be done” in about 2.5 seconds, instead of resisting it and letting the ‘edge of darkness’ cloud my whole day.

    Second, I have “Me” time, which means, I give myself a manicure and pedicure –

    I must be due a ‘cranky day’ – I have hangnails out the ying-yang, rough cuticles and only one big toe nail has any polish left on it…

  12. mcwoman says:

    Me time? What’s that. The dog even follows me into the bathroom!

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