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What’s In Your Title?

on April 28, 2013


As writers, we know that the title of our novel, short story or commentary has to capture the reader’s eye.  It’s vital that we give great thought to the title; it can make or break the success of the book.

But, here are some writers who just got it all wrong.


Now, I love the Pooh Bear just as much as anyone else, but I think I’ll pass on these receipes!


Nope, not gonna touch this one!


I think it’s the guy with the red hat on his head and smiling to beat the band!


If my Poo ever speaks to me, I’m definitely getting the doctor to change my meds.


Why didn’t I see this on the Best Seller List?

The following writers had great titles, just the wrong names!

1. The Yellow River by I.P. Daily

2. The Numbers Game by Cal Q. Later

3. Under the Bleachers by Seymour Butts

4. Rusty Bed Springs by I.P. Freeley

5. Twenty Yards to the Outhouse by Willie Makit, illustrated by Betty Wont and published by Andy Dint

6. Spots on the Wall by Hugh Flung Poo

7. Falling Off a Cliff by Eileen Dover

8. The Complete Proctologist’s Handbook by Ben Dover

9. The Joys of Drinking by Al Coholic

10. My Life with Igor by Frank N. Stein

(Now, I was going write about the importance of having a good title.  Then, while researching, I found these…end of story!)

Hope you got a chuckle!



18 responses to “What’s In Your Title?

  1. Cranky, you certainly made me chuckle:)

  2. Basharr says:

    I have a joke to share: Do you know why the crack in your behind goes up and down and not side to side?

    So when you slide down a railing it does not go Bub Bub Bub Bub Bub =)

    Yes I did get a chuckle Have a great day.

  3. Basharr says:

    I thought I would pass on this story I just heard…At our local supermarket this past friday night a woman came in with her baby she was quite drunk and put the baby in the cart where we all put our groceries. She pushed the cart around the store to the liquor isle,

    Picked up a case of beer and threw it in the cart right on top of the baby. So upsetting to say the least. Luckily the baby is going to be alright because it happened to be light beer.

    My wife punched me over this …lol

  4. Chuckled like mad 🙂

  5. mummyshymz says:

    Haha… The titles and authors were funny!

  6. Bastet says:

    OMG and LOL!!! These are funny! I shudder though at Cook the Pooh…

  7. Thanks for the smiles. The Cannibals book is fascinating and hilarious, btw. Did you read it?

  8. ericaatje says:

    Hahahahaha, cooking with pooh!!! Thanks for the smile! 😉

  9. btg5885 says:

    Very cute. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hey Cranky, noticed you` ve been snooping around my blog today. For that I am grateful but makes me wonder why you haven’t anything more interesting to do with your life – knitting, baking, weeding etc

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