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Are You A “Silent” Reader?

on May 1, 2013


I’m guilty.  I tiptoe onto a blog site and quietly look around.  I don’t leave tracks by hitting the “Like” button or writing a comment and I exit the site without leaving any footprints behind me.  The writer will only find out about my clandestine visit when they see their views go up by a point.  Otherwise, they aren’t aware that I’ve dropped in and read what they have to say.

Some bloggers resent these visits.  They feel I am rude; uncaring and disrespectful of their efforts.  They are so wrong; I believe that each and every site I visit is worthy of being read.  Something in your title drew me in; or the first words on the “Reader” captured my attention.  So I drop in and listen to you and I do so with respect for the courage it takes to publish your thoughts, your views and your works of art.

I read a great many posts, I wish I could read them all!  But, with the thousands of writers, poets and artists in WordPress, it is impossible to catch every worthwhile post.  It just can’t be done.  But, I do travel around, a lot!  I read posts from my followers, I read posts from writers that I follow, and I hit the Category section hard to find new bloggers who will make me laugh, shed a tear or touch my heart!

But, I do make “silent” visits and I want you to know that if I do make a quiet visit to your site, it doesn’t mean I won’t return.  Perhaps the post I’ve read is not in my area of interest; it doesn’t mean that your post wasn’t interesting to others or that another post of yours won’t catch my attention in the future.

I’m not going to leave a comment on your site that says “Good job” unless I mean it.  I take my comments very seriously and I don’t arbitrarily hand out mine without meaning them.   That would be insulting..that would be dishonest and that would be rude.  So, if you get a comment from me, you can take it to the bank that I believe your post was worth leaving you a note about.

If I hit the “Like” button, I actually did like it!  I myself resent when people go through their reader and just hit “Like” without ever entering the site.  How do I know they do this?  Well, when I have written a long post and have hit the “Publish” button; I don’t expect to see a notification that someone “Liked” the post 30 seconds later.  No one reads that fast!  I don’t need empty numbers on my stats; I want honest, down to earth readers who are willing to actually read what I have written and then decide if they liked it.

And, if I press the “Follow” button, it means that I want to read more of your posts and include them in my “Blogs I Follow” portion of my Reader.  I can’t follow everyone; it’s just not possible.  I would spend every hour of every day reading posts when I should be writing.  So, if I don’t hit the Follow button; it just means that your site didn’t seem to fit my reading needs; it doesn’t mean your posts aren’t interesting or entertaining.  And, again, I might return and find another post of yours that tickles my fancy and motivate me to follow your site.

So, to those of you who have complained about the number of silent readers that have visited your site, I will share this.  When I look at my stats, I look at how many readers went into my site and read the posts.  My number of views is so important to me, it shows me that something I wrote was worth reading.  The reader didn’t have to “Like” it, doesn’t have to comment and certainly shouldn’t be obligated to Follow me based on their visit.  I am just honored that someone took the time to drop in and look around.

For isn’t that what posting is all about?  Having someone read your thoughts, your views or your slant on life?  I post for that reason..and for all those who have visited my site, I can’t thank you enough for the honor of having you read my humble efforts.  It means the world to me!

So, in closing, I’d like to invite anyone to drop in anytime and feel free to do so silently or drop me a note you were there!  Either way, I’ll treasure your visit!

43 responses to “Are You A “Silent” Reader?

  1. Mjollnir says:

    Sssh! I was never here 🙂

  2. mcwoman says:

    I feel the same about the views. I’m saddened when I’ve only gotten one or two on a particular post. But I’m elated when someone has taken the time to leave a comment.

  3. Leanne says:

    I’m am one of your silent readers, but this post enticed me to speak up. 🙂 You make a great point about “isn’t that what posting is all about? Having someone read your thoughts, your views, or your slant on life?” Yes! And actually, I’d say these things are what writing is all about… why you are a writer–why I am a writer.

    We share what lives within our hearts and minds, even if it’s perspectives on simple daily happenings. It’s through these writings that we connect in community and there’s beautiful things that happen in community. Often times we won’t know how we’ve affected another heart through our story– and that’s okay. Our job in writing is to simply express our thoughts honestly and transparently (can’t connect with others if the walls are up and masks are on) and have faith the words will land where they need to. You know what I mean?

    Anyway, I just love your blog. I love this post, and I honor your motivation behind why you post. Whether one view or 120 views, zero comments or 100 comments… what you do here matters.

  4. Cranky, I agree with you! The longer I blog, the more discerning I have become, and yes, I prefer views over likes.My blogs are growing each month, very slowly, but growing. And I am happy with that. Finding the time to read and follow others does take time, but I try to fit that into my daily blogging time. I always look forward to your posts because I just never know what you may come up with 🙂 !!

  5. This is an interesting topic. I myself will only leave a comment if I feel moved to. That, & I have to feel comfortable enough with what I’m saying – and know what I want to say. Sometimes, I’m just at a loss for words. If I leave a “Like” it means I like your writing – not always necessarily what the person has to say. (Sometimes people are great writers & I can humbly admit this while still having an opposing view.)

    I might write a post of my own on a similar topic someday.
    Until then, *applause* for my favorite cranky lady. 😉

    • Great point! Some posts leave me speechless too! 🙂 Seriously, liking a post doesn’t mean you agree with the writer, you just appreciate the way they presented those views.

  6. barbtaub says:

    I just can’t be the only one who has an urge to simply type “Good job!”

    But actually this is a GREAT job — honest, welcome, and so timely. Thanks for posting.

  7. ericaatje says:

    So true! I saw this once (or more times) too. I just posted something and decided to change it and someone already liked it. Very strange!!! 😉

  8. Hi. I’m very guilty of this, but it is a guilty pleasure. Ninja blog visiting. And now for something completely different. I’ve nominated you for a Shine On award because I love reading your posts. Link:

  9. Basharr says:

    Yes! Yes! I am a frequent silent reader…there are actually about five blogs I post on and only two that I post frequently on. =)

  10. Basharr says:

    Hey cranky, speaking of reading here is a link that offers free ebooks daily I use it all the time it is safe and since I have two kindles it links directly to the book that is free on the link is You can set it up to notify you for the types of books you like to read so very little need to wade through topics you don’t like. My wife and I have been using it for about two months…Every day you will get an email with that days specials there are usually 2 to 3 books for free and others for greatly reduced prices.

    Enjoy =)

  11. Hey Cranky, you came through my blog like an elephant with clogs on yesterday! What’s this business about being quiet?

    Apart from that, this is a really interesting and thoughtful post – ever done Psychology?

  12. lellielieb says:

    Love this! Absolutely agree!

  13. Loved this post so honest and I can relate I try to read as many posts as humanly possible, but I don’t like to like a page unless something in it resonated with me, also I try not to leave one word comments. I believe the comment is very important to the writer if you enjoyed or have a bone to pick. Its all good so glad I am following you and your words of wisdom.

  14. I had someone from England like one of my posts within 5 seconds! Maybe with the time difference, he/she was able to read my words before I’d even written them!

  15. Very well said. I silently visit most of the time, choosing to like or comment rarely, it does not mean anything bad just that I take my “likes” to mean something, not just an I was here.
    Sometimes I wish there was an “I wish I had said that” button.

  16. btg5885 says:

    You can tiptoe in and out of my blog anytime. Feel free to leave a crumb every once in awhile. My comments (from others) run about 1 out of 6 of the views. I welcome both, but understand that people are busy. I will read some blog posts and not know what to say. Some I don’t know the subject matter or don’t know the author as well. Yet, I like your writing, so I usually drop in a comment. See you along the avenues. BTG

    • And your visits and comments are gold to me. And, I agree, sometimes a post is aimed at a specific audience and I am not one of them; sometimes everything has already been said in the would be redundant for be to repeat them.

      I have found that the subject matter rules how many comments I receive on each post..some are controversial and the comment section fills quickly..other’s don’t but they get the same amount of views. It’s all good!

  17. As a new blogger, I needed to hear this. My brain understands that my blog is very focused at the moment and that it is not for everybody…my heart could care less about what ‘they’ want to read. My heart believes that everybody should be reading it, and liking it.

    When I decided to add the ‘rating stars’ I was very deliberate in the descriptions; 1=You wrote THIS? 2=Try Again, 3=Good Job, 4=Great Read, 5=NAILED IT…those are the feedback words my brain understands.

    Thanks for this.

  18. HAHA I agree with you on the “speed reading” part! When someone likes 5 posts 2 seconds right after the other…I kinda know nothing was read. Lol

    • They think it’s going to win friends and influence people by “liking” everything. I get tempted to write a really gross, stupid and insulting post and see how many “likes” I get in the first 10 minutes.

      But, I’m afraid I’m a little too chicken for that as I might lose readers who really do read my posts. Thanks for reading!

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