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ForThe Special Moms

on May 7, 2013


Mother’s Day is just around the corner; kids are making handmade cards and gifts; dads are filling the stores looking for that “special” present and moms are pretending not to know their special day is near.  It’s time to thank those Moms for all they do for us.

I would like to take this chance to make my own personal greeting to a very special Mom and to other’s like her.  Very special mothers who have opened their hearts, their lives and their arms to another woman’s child.  These are extraordinary moms..and they deserve special recognition.

To the mother of my child, I want to thank you for filling his life with joy, love and hope.  When I surrendered my child, I dreamed that he would find a mother that would nuture him, comfort him and protect him.  You made that dream come true.

I might have given birth to my son; you are the one who made him what he is today: kind, loving and a son that any mother would be proud to call hers.  When he was scared, you held his hand; when he was sick, you nursed him back to health; and when he needed direction, you were there to guide him.

He is my child; he is your son.

My Mother’s Day Wish for you is that when your son wraps his arms around you, hugs you and wishes you a “Happy Mother’s Day”, that you feel the love I have for you in his embrace.  Thank you for being his Mom.

For all of you Moms, who have given your unselfish and unconditional love, as my child’s mom has, I send you my love, respect and wishes for a Very Happy Mother’s Day!

You are all Very Special Moms Indeed!



20 responses to “ForThe Special Moms

  1. Cranky, that is lovely, both your act of courage and you tribute to your son’s mom.

  2. Definitely a ‘nailed it’ post…I have goose bumps. ❤

  3. tric says:

    I will be thinking of you mothers day. I always believe extraordinary people lead ordinary lives, this post proves it.

  4. sheilamariegrimes says:

    A Mother’s Love is a blessing …you are truly a blessing!

  5. keladelaide says:

    ‘He is my child; he is your son.’ This line alone spoke volumes. ♥

  6. Bastet says:

    A “like” is not enough for a special post like this…

  7. mummyshymz says:

    You are a special woman too. Hugs

  8. Just beautiful, made me cry.

  9. Susan Norden says:

    Interesting, and I am glad it worked out for you. In the case of my husband, who gave up parental rights because his then-wife was a doper and alcholic….the baby was adopted by another couple. Enter the ex-wife about 18 months ago; looked for the child with her sister; and whoa, baby! everyone’s like turned upside down, messed up and the child who is an adult now has to deal with lies from the adoptive parents and a confused world. The birth mother should have left well enough alone.

    • I went through, who will only connect you is the child/parent is also searching. I was very wary of contacting my son and you are right..I am lucky that we all benefited. But, I keep a very low profile in my son’s life and his adoptive parents are just that..his parents! I’m so sorry for the turmoil in your husband’s and his child’s life. I hope things work out.

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