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Some Epic News!

on May 10, 2013


I have received another award..not just any of Epic proportions!  My blogging buddy, Merbear has nominated me for the Epically Awesome Award and I want to send a Epic thank you to her. Skip on over to her awesome site “Knocked Over By A Feather!”  Need a laugh?  Merbear is happy to oblige!  Check her won’t be sorry!

Now, of course, there are some Epic rules to accepting this award.

1. Tell 10 Epic/Awesome tales about yourself.

2. Nominate 10 Epic/Awesome bloggers and let them know how Awesome they are.

It’s hard to think of 10 things that I have done that are Epic or Awesome, but I’ll try.

1.  I have a new puppy (King Buddy).

2.  I finished a first draft of a novel at Camp NaNoWriMo

3.  I am on a medication that makes me fart..a lot!

4.  I am finally starting to write about my experiences as a child; something no therapist has been able to accomplish to date.

5.  I have eyes in the back of my head (just ask my kids and my granddaughter.)

6.  I’m starting a diet..I’m sure I’ll be writing some posts about that “wonderful” experience.  A goal of 15 pounds will get me to where I was in my twenties!

7.  I’m a “real” redhead.  (And, no, I’m not going to prove it.)

8.  I’ve got 20/20 vision (thanks to cataract surgery!)

9.  I love my family, my dog and my WordPress friends.

10.  I giggle at funerals.

So, there it is.  Now for the fun part.  Before I list my nominees; you should know that as with previous awards I do a lot of research prior to nominating someone.  That’s why it takes me so long to respond to these awards.  Some of my nominees I have selected have been nominated by me for other awards; while some are new friends that I think fit the bill for this particular recognition.

That said, let’s get going with my list of nominees:

Kel – Free Little Words – This woman will show you the meaning of love with humor and laughter filled posts.

Ionia – Readful Things Blog – This lady writes the best book reviews filled with honest, funny and insightful comments on some really interesting reads.

Easter Ellen – Overcoming To Becoming – This Christian woman writes powerful, beautiful poems.  Her photos are stunning and her outlook on life is inspiring.

Kath – Minuscule Moments Of Inspiration – This Aussie writes beautiful posts that touch my heart.  I enjoy the peeks into life in Australia, a country I have at the top of my bucket list.

Tamrahjo – The Good, The Bad and The Ludicrous – She’s smart, she’s funny and she’s a very gifted writer.  I also enjoy visiting her site!

Amy Long – A Path To Recovery – This young mom has a wonderful voice that represents the struggle of recovery.  She touches me with her stories of her struggles and her triumphs.  She’s a true inspiration.

Special Little People – Aromatherapy for Children – This site offers great tips for treating your children’s sniffles and hay fever, using aromatherapy.  Great photos are to be found here also!

John – JohnBaylaya – I have nominated John before; he has just completed a touching and insightful series about Adoption that is so Epic and Awesome, so I had to include him on this list.

No’ono’o Pono – Diary of a Officially Crazy(er) Woman – This Hawaiian lady is writing about her struggle to cope with life after hearing those 3 dreaded words..”You have cancer.”  Her bravery is letting us follow her journey is truly awesome.

Ryan – True Life Exposures – This young father offers support, inspiration and shares life experiences in his most awesome blog site.  A great place to go to get some insight into everyday challenges.

So, in closing let me remind my nominees that I nominated them based on their Epic Awesomeness.  There are no strings attached, but I do hope you will pass this award on to other blogs that are Epically Awesome!  For those who are not on the list; you know I think you’re all Awesome and I hope you will check out my nominee’s sites.  I think you’ll find I have great taste in bloggers!

So, adios and adieu until we meet again.  Keep writing all those Awesome posts..I love all of them.  Again, thanks to Merbear for thinking of me.



23 responses to “Some Epic News!

  1. Another one to add to your fine collection well done.

  2. Hey Cranky, whose got more awards than Meryl Streep then?

    I just zapped over to Merbear and clicked to follow. I told her that if it’s good enough for you then it’s good enough for me.

    Do you have a special cabinet for all these awards because I’m sure there’s not enough room on the mantle above the fire?

  3. Bastet says:

    Congratulations are too little for such an awesomely well deserved recognition…ahh…hmmm…I’m wordless! 😉

    • When have you ever been wordless? 🙂 Thanks, my friend, as always it’s a thrill to know someone’s reading my posts!

      • Bastet says:

        When it’s too early in the morning and I’ve not had my coffee yet that’s when I’m really without words 😉 . I Love your posts and look forward to their arrival. Congrats again.

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  5. ericaatje says:

    Well done! An epic congratulation to you Cranky! 😉

  6. btg5885 says:

    You are epic. Congrats.

  7. mummyshymz says:

    Congratulations! Missed this post earlier. You definitely deserve this award 🙂

  8. keladelaide says:

    Oooh I feel top of the pops!
    The humour lies with you though. I am but a mere imposter.
    Kelly ♥

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  10. Angie says:


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