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The Blue Haired Blues

on May 13, 2013


Our esteemed Governor of the Great State of Florida has lowered the boom.  He has signed a bill that has closed down the source of many a happy hour for our senior citizens..he shut down the Internet Cafes.

Why?  Because of some lousy crooks (Yeah, I’m talking about you Alliance For Veterans) who stole the money meant for charity and lined their pockets with it.  So, in his infinite wisdom, our governor has outlawed ALL Internet Cafes in Florida.  Not only has he succeeded in robbing us of our social hangout, he’s responsible for the loss of over 14,000 jobs.  Way to go, Mr. Scott!

Now, you might think that he has saved your Grandma from being exposed to people such as “One-armed Louie” or “The Enforcer”, but nothing could be farther from the truth.  These Internet cafes are run by legitimate business owners who make a profit off the food and drink they serve to their patrons.  Sure, they get paid to put these machines in their establishments; but that’s not where their profits come from.  Most don’t even serve alcohol; just soft beverages and some tasty tidbits to munch on while you play.

If you’re not familiar with an Internet Cafe; here’s the skinny.  You go in and put money on a phone card, you use the card to play on the machines until the money runs out or you have increased the amount originally paid on the card (oh yeah, I think that’s called winning).  You can then bring the card back to the cashier and get one of two things; cash for your winnings or gift cards for local businesses (depending on the cafe).  There are no blackjack tables, no roulette wheels and no floor shows.  It’s simply a harmless entertainment for our senior citizens to enjoy with their friends.

So, why are lawmakers so concerned about shutting these dens of iniquity (in their eyes) down?  One stated that Internet Cafes open the door to money laundering and prostitution.  C’mon guys, give me a break.  I’ve seen the patrons in these cafes and the median age is about 70 years old.  I didn’t spot any hookers leaning over their shoulders asking for a “date”.  The owners aren’t members of a “family” they are often just family members trying to run a legitimate cafe and make a honest profit.

We’re not talking Vegas here, we’re talking about a place for our senior citizens to mingle and enjoy themselves with their friends.  It’s innocent and it gives them a place to go!  They are voters, taxpayers and residents..they should be able to vote on whether these cafes should be legal..not one man reacting to a scandal.

So, Governor Rick Scott, give them back their cafes or give them the opportunity to vote on whether these cafes should remain in business.  You don’t want to make our Blue Haired citizens Blue!


6 responses to “The Blue Haired Blues

  1. I’m not a game person, per say, but do feel, but it’s sad a few make havoc for the many. so sad for you guys!

    • I personally don’t play and don’t go to the cafes..but if the blue haired ladies are in the cafes..they’re off the roads! It’s a win/win situation for me.

      I just think to close centers that senior citizens enjoy such as these should be put up for a vote instead of just closing them down.

  2. Dave Higgins says:

    This article confused me for a moment in the middle. In the UK Internet Cafes are places that rent out internet access, not electronic gambling.

    • Hey, leave it to the senior citizens here to use the Internet to gamble! It’s really quite innocent and we too have Internet Cafes that only offer Wi-Fi (Starbucks is the most popular!)

      Thanks for reading and sorry about the confusion.

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