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Join Me Please

on May 20, 2013


Please join me in sending our prayers, our thoughts and our hopes to the victims of the deadly tornado that has devastated Moore, Oklahoma.

Let’s pray that people will find their loved one’s safe and sound, let’s think about how we can send help and support for the victims and let’s hope that they find all the children still buried under the rubble of the elementary school, and all other survivors not located yet.

Let’s pray together for the families, for the rescue workers and for the volunteers and send them our love and support.  It is times like this that Americans should put aside all their differences and pull together to help these poor people.

Yes, let’s pray together.




14 responses to “Join Me Please

  1. Aurora says:

    I’ve been doing a lot of it myself, not the eyes closed head bowed sort, but you know what I mean. I know a couple of people in Oklahoma. I can confirm one of them is ok, but no word from the second, hopefully that means he’s hunkered down in a shelter like he should be. I wish there was something I could do to help, but I’m not sure what I can do from this far away, especially when we don’t really have much ourselves. Good thoughts is really all I can send.

    • Prayers (I also don’t do the bow your head kind, but I do believe in a higher power) are invaluable at a time like this and so are good thoughts. Send them on my friend, send them on!

  2. Basharr says:

    I have spent this entire day praying for the victims of that terrible tragedy and praying the families that lost all find the strength to maintain their faith. Thank you cranky for creating this post.

  3. helensamia says:

    Sending positive thoughts and blessings to all those caught up in this terrible tragedy.. May lost ones be found and injured heal…

  4. barbtaub says:

    Watching in horror and tears. Thank you for your heartfelt post.

  5. btg5885 says:

    Thanks for sharing. Seeing kids impacted makes it even more painful. Take care all, BTG

  6. keladelaide says:

    Just horrific…..thoughts are with all those affected.

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