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Let Us Not Forget

on May 27, 2013


I come from a military family.  My father was a Marine and served in the Phillipines during World War II.  My oldest brother was a Marine and served two tours in Vietnam.  My other brother was in the Army and served one tour in Vietnam. Luckily, all returned to the States with their lives and all their limbs.

However, my brother’s return home from the war was much different than the triumphant return of World War II veterans.  They were met by loved ones and friends at the airport.  They were also met by protesters holding up signs reading “Murderers” and “Baby Killers.”  They were confused; they had been overseas and had no idea of the turmoil that the United States was going through.

They received no thanks from their countrymen; they were shunned, ridiculed and labeled as “Killers.”  They found their country had turned their backs on them and had forgotten that the Veterans of the Vietnam War were sons and daughters, sent overseas, to fight for our country, just as many had before them.

It was a sad time.  It was a shameful time.  It was a time that I hope I never live to see again.

Thankfully, those times ended and now the Vietnam War Veterans are recognized for the heroes they are.  They fought in one of the most horrific conflicts of our time and they have finally been recognized for their bravery and their service.

So, today, we pay our respects to All our fallen heroes and for those who served so valiantly when called upon by their government and their fellow Americans.

Thank you for your matter where you served.



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6 responses to “Let Us Not Forget

  1. indytony says:

    I appreciate this thoughtful and sensitive reminder to remember those who once were largely overlooked.

    I’ve been reflecting on a similar theme myself. Hoping to raise awareness and spark conversation, I just posted this –

    I’d love for you to stop by and leave a comment, if you feel so led.

  2. btg5885 says:

    I agree. We should not be critical of people who put their lives on the line. Any concerns should be addressed with the people who put them there not the ones fighting. My belief is if we are going to send our countrymen and women into harms way, we better have a good reason and exhaust every peaceful means available. And, if we do commit them, we need to make sure we back them with the troops, supplies and support. I am glad your people returned home safe from physical harm. Take care, BTG

  3. keladelaide says:

    A thought provoking piece. Servicemen and women are treated as heroes here in Oz.

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