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My Little Ugly Duckling

on June 2, 2013


Daily Prompt – 6/2/2013 – Silver Linings

It was June 22, 1970.

I was ready.  They wheeled me into the delivery room, poked me with needles and slapped a gas mask over my face.  It was time to deliver my baby.

A short time later, groggy and with no memory of the actual birth, I asked my husband where our baby was.  He smiled and said, “They’re cleaning our beautiful daughter up and then they’ll bring her in to meet us.”  He stood there, holding my hand and wiped tears from his eyes.

“It’s a girl?”

“Yes, honey.  And she’s beautiful.  I got to see her when they brought her to the nursery to get cleaned up.”

“She’s okay?”

“She’s gorgeous.  Looks just like you.”

A nurse appeared at the doorway, holding our bundle of joy that I had waited nine long months to meet.  She walked to the side of my bed, and laid my daughter in my left arm.  I turned my head and took my first look.

I gasped.  “Where’s my baby?” I shouted.  “This is not my baby..I ordered the Gerber baby.”

My husband and the nurse walked off to the side of the room and laughed.  I heard the nurse explain that I was still a little bit out of it with the gas I had sucked in.

Meanwhile, I stared at this being that they were pretending was my child.

She had thick, coarse black hair…a full head of it.  Her eyes were jammed shut and sported dagger like eyelashes that seemed to reach down to her nose.  Her dark, red face was scrunched up and all I could think of was that if you threw a sealskin coat on her, she could pass for an eighty year old Eskimo.

“Does she have her own snowshoes?” I murmured.

“What, honey?”  My husband returned to my side and grabbed my hand.

“Nothing.”  I’ve given birth to the ugly duckling, I thought, and prepared myself for the stunned stares of my relatives and friends when they saw my newborn child.

My tiny daughter flailed her clenched fists and then turned her head towards me.  I watched her as she smacked her lips and laid her cheek on my bare arm.  In that instant, I knew she was mine.  I felt the love flow from me towards this little being I had helped create and I was lost forever in the wonder of being this child’s mother.

She might not have the boys in the nursery lining up to sign her dance card; but to me, she was beautiful.

As time went by, my infant daughter grew into a beautiful baby..with creamy skin, deep azure blue eyes and silky brown hair.  She garnered oohs and ah’s from all who saw her.   Today, she is not only beautiful to look at, she has a beautiful heart.

But, if my little ugly duckling had never turned into the beautiful swan she is today, I would still think she was the most beautiful baby ever born.

26 responses to “My Little Ugly Duckling

  1. I was a preemie who almost didn’t make it. I remember as a child being so disappointed with my not cute newborn photo. My daughter was 9 days overdue and was a blonde haired, blue-eyed Gerber baby. Now she is a gorgeous and brilliant fireball. She’s a handful, but a beauty inside and out.

  2. One child had the croup and the pediatrician would not take her back. Lovely story

  3. Cranky, I just love the description of your Little Ugly Duckling. Ooooopppppssss!!! I meant your sweet baby girl:-)

  4. mummyshymz says:

    Aww… This is so sweet!

  5. btg5885 says:

    Great story. Bill Cosby told his wife she just gave birth to a lizard. But, they turn out all right. But, yes even if they did not, we would love them just the same. Take care, CC. BTG

  6. keladelaide says:

    What about you, CC? I know you’re a swan now but did you start life that way?

  7. Bastet says:

    Oh that first look…and I’ll tell you new borns are beautiful only to their parents..they need at least 24 hours to recover from being skeeched into this world! 🙂

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