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There’s a Storm Out There!

on June 6, 2013


(Our palm trees in the backyard.)

Oh yeah, the winds are howling, the rain is pelting the roof and the weather forecasters are running off at the mouth.  It’s officially Hurricane Season here in Florida, and our first guest of the year is Tropical Storm Andrea.

I love storms and this one is a beauty.  She’s giving us a show with a band of thunder and a lightning display that makes our Fourth Of July tame.  Tornado warnings are being flashed and flood warnings are screaming across the airwaves.

Most of us have lived in Florida long enough to know how to weather these little tropical beauties.  We scramble around and secure all loose items, such as lawn chairs and pink pelicans.  We check the tie-downs on our pool cages and we grab the candles out of the last place we threw them.  Yup, we know what to do.  At least most of us do.

We had a tree stump that had to go.  We had scheduled to have it removed this morning before we knew of the oncoming storm.  We were waiting for the phone call we knew would be coming from the Stump Man (that’s what I call him) to reschedule due to inclement weather.

Well, mid-morning, as the puddles in the yard were reaching out to cover our entire yard and we started thinking about the need for sandbags around the perimeter of the house, we heard the rumble of a truck.  Oh yes, here came Stump Man and his equipment.  I wondered, didn’t he know that there’s a storm out there?

He gave a wave hello and then went about his business.  An hour later, the ugly pine tree stump had been reduced to mulch and Stump Man packed his gear.  We paid him and waved good-bye to this brave soul who kept his promise to show up…rain or shine.

Now, I can understand Stump Man’s determination to complete the job.  He had told Danny that he needed the money from his customers so he didn’t let small things such as storms hold him at bay.  I guess when you have a family to feed, a little wind and rain is ignored.  I respect him for his work ethics and his “get her done” attitude.  But, again, didn’t he know there was a storm out there?

It’s been a few hours since Stump Man departed, and Danny has an itch to clean up the dirt and mulch in preparation for the planting of some new shrubs we bought.  These shrubs are to eventually block our view of “The Devil Next Door.”  I advised him to wait until tomorrow and he agreed and walked out of the house and picked up a rake.


(A stubborn old man from Kentucky.)

So, as I sit here at the table, pecking away at my laptop, I glance up at the thunderclouds and try to resist the urge to shout out “Hey, dummy, don’t you know there’s a storm out there?”


Photo credits:  Cranky – World’s Worst Photographer, who snapped these shots during a brief lull in the storm.


20 responses to “There’s a Storm Out There!

  1. Susan says:

    Where does one get a pink pelican? Since we don’t have flamingos here in the Florida panhandle, and pelicans are the “mascot,” as it where, I think it’d be fun to get a pink pelican for our yard! 😉

    • Go to any gift shop…I think you can find them at Walmart in the “tourist trap” section also. Or, find a neighbor who sports some on their lawn and ask them…they’ll be happy to tell ya!

  2. Men, can’t live with ’em . . . Well you know! 🙂

  3. barbtaub says:

    When we moved to Illinois, every time the tornado siren went off, our family beelined for the basement. Meanwhile, the neighbors would wash the car, play ball with the dog, ride bicycles, start the grill… Their theory was that the houses on our street were more than 100 years old, and hadn’t been flattened by a tornado in all that time, so they probably wouldn’t go this day either. We kept heading for the basement, and they kept tempting fate — and winning.

  4. Shainbird says:

    Hey Cranky, with all that’s going on, I wonder what Andrea think about tonight’s basketball finals? Or is she a Spurs fan?

  5. Bastet says:

    A great story! I was back in the States in 1978 I think visiting my ex’s folks when up came Hurricain Andrew…your Andrea’s big brother! I remember as everyone was taping up their windows that there was an unearthly calm…I thought everyone should be more excited. Not so the people of Melbourne. In the end it was just a big storm, no damage was done, but it gave me the opportunity to say I’d been in a hurricane! 🙂

    • That unearthly calm was everyone holding their breath and hoping they didn’t pee in their pants! Andrew hit the other coast of Florida then where I live, but I remember that he was a very naughty hurricane. He’s still famous around these parts, so you can say you were there during Hurricane Andrew and people will join in with their stories!

      Thanks for sharing this one!

  6. mummyshymz says:

    Take care Cranky, stay safe!

  7. keladelaide says:

    I hope Andrea leaves swiftly.

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