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Somebody Help Me!

on June 11, 2013


Hey!  You out there, you dog lovers!  Help a Buddy out here, will ya?  I’m in deep trouble!

I don’t know what I did wrong!  But, today, my momma Cranky is taking me to the Vet.  Word around the house is that I’m going to be Neutered!  WHAT!

Oh yeah, Cranky intends to let the Vet mess with my manhood.  Is that right, I ask you?  What have I done to deserve this treatment?

We’re talking my family jewels here, folks.  I ask you, shouldn’t I have a vote?  But, noooo.  I’ve tried everything to get her to change her mind.  The “puppy eyes” didn’t work; the pleading paws were ignored and I even forego my right to chew her shoes for a couple of days.

So, please!  Stop this woman before it’s too late!  I’ve only got a couple of hours left to be the “King” of the house and I’m trying to keep a low profile here under the table.  But, I know she sees me and it won’t be long before I’m dragged out and my life will change forever.

What’s that?  You believe that neutering is a good thing?

Yeah, momma Cranky has tried to explain to me that why this Neutering is a good thing.  There are too many unwanted dogs and cats in the world, I will feel calmer once it’s done and I won’t have to worry about prostrate problems when I get older.  Yada..yada..yada…!

Okay, so I’m not gonna get a last minute rescue, am I?  Well, I’ll just have to man up and get my last licks in while I can and face the fact that this is gonna happen.

But, I’m not happy about this…no, I’m not happy at all!  There better be some serious petting going on when I get home, I can tell you that, or there won’t be a safe shoe in the house.

I just hope they won’t add insult to injury and make me wear the “Cone Of Shame.”  That would just be too much to bear!

Your friend,

King Buddy

17 responses to “Somebody Help Me!

  1. CharleneMcD says:

    Love it, thanks for giving me my morning chuckle.

  2. mcwoman says:

    You are in your element when you write humor. Tell Buddy, my little Ernie had the same misgivings about shhhh–the surgery. But he is still definitely the KING!

  3. My cat got used it it … except when it is spring and his rough buddies get up to stuff. Poor thing looks genuinely lost and tends to come home to sleep it off. My sympathy is with Buddy!

  4. Remind him, he won’t be prostrate (don’tcha hate autocorrect?) but he will avoid prostate problems. Um, except he probably doesn’t know what a prostate is. 🙂

  5. Basharr says:

    LOL sorry Buddy but it is the thing to do. Just went through it last month with Olivader, he is none the worse for wear and won’t have any females looking for him to pay puppy support. =)

  6. Shainbird says:

    Lol Cranky! Love the point of view. Tell Buddy he will be like a kid after a tonsillectomy: plenty of ice-cream (the Doggy version – that is) 🙂

  7. helensamia says:

    Oh funny and sad all at the same time… Lots of cuddles needed please!!

  8. Buddy will like it later when he can ignore the call of the wild. Great post

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