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To All The Single Moms

on June 16, 2013



To all of those, like me, who had to do it alone!

17 responses to “To All The Single Moms

  1. I cannot tell you how much I love this as a single parent. Hugs

  2. Even before I scrolled down my reader, when I saw the picture I knew it had to be you! 🙂 Filling both parental roles is a challenge!

  3. Thanks you much for the fine article of wich much information I have been needing is inside of. I will be sure to pay much visits and atention to all future articles of such good information. Keep up with the good hard work. And speaking of hard, I have for selling some magic pills that will make you like a tree in your soft areas. Only fifty glabotniks for a bottle that will give you much happy pants for a long time.
    Yay, single moms… you rock.

  4. johnlmalone says:

    I know a few single mothers — my own daughter is one; they do it hard but they do it tough and they get respect. My grandkids love and honour their mum. Good on the single mums of the world — and shame on the pathetic biological fathers who wriggle out of child support !!!

    • Amen to that! By the way, I owe you a thank you! I have a short story appearing in Alfie Dog on June 30. I would never have known about that site if not for you! So, thanks!

  5. Bastet says:

    Yep…they should have a special place for daddymoms! Well, for those mommydads too of course. It’s definately a hard go for those single parents! Thanks for the post!

  6. btg5885 says:

    Very cool. The hardest job in America is a working mother, but a working single mother, whew. On a sad note, the fastest growing population of homeless people in the US is single mothers. In the volunteer work I do, we help a lot of homeless families with single moms. We must increase birth control to young teens and we must decrease domestic violence. The other factor is not having second wage earner and trying to make a go on $8 an hour when a living wage for a one adult, one child family is over $17 per hour. Thanks CC, BTG

  7. Sugar Bee Chronicles says:

    I send the kudos here to my sister, who had to be both mom and dad to her son. Some, like her, pulled it off perfectly! Thanks for a great pic-blog! ~Susan 🙂

  8. johnlmalone says:

    hey congratulations on that short story. I’ll look for it. What name is it under? I just completed my basement story but I’m sending that somewhere else

    • Thanks! My pen name is “M.E. McMahon” and it’s supposed to be available June 30. I’ve also got a few more out there but you know how long it takes for them to get back to you. Got my fingers crossed and good luck with yours!

  9. Patty O says:

    EXCELLENT! I’m no longer a single parent, but was for a time….I love this!

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