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Oh, What A Night!

on June 26, 2013

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I love storms!  They make me gasp, they hypnotize me with their brilliant streaks of lightning and the deafening peals of thunder. I’ve seen some great storms in my twenty-five years in Florida but, last night, I was in my glory!

Around seven p.m., the thunderclouds rolled in with a vengeance.  I was in the dining room working on the laptop (so what else is new?) and glanced up to see that first glorious strike of lightning light up the sky.  I looked out on the lanai (depending on where you live, think porch, patio or that little patch of cement you park a chair on outside your door) and there was Danny, stuffing his face with a piece of chocolate pie.

Now, when you hear thunder in Florida, you are wise to start looking for shelter (no, not under that metal car port) and sit back and enjoy the show.  These types of storms usually move through rather quickly and you don’t want to miss the special effects that Mother Nature has whipped up for you.


Last night’s show was spectacular and lasted a good hour; it was a continuous symphony of deep, rolling thunder followed by cracks of lightening so loud you couldn’t help but give a little jump.  I sat in awe and watched with delight as the storm flexed it’s muscles time after time.  I watched Danny carry in his empty paper plate (hey, I’m a writer and I reduce chores down to the bone, so paper is good) and his fork.

He looked at me and said, “Guess I shouldn’t be using a metal fork while the lightning is so close to the house, huh?”

“Yeah, the lightning is going to aim straight for that fork, Dan.  Don’t worry about that aluminum chair you’re sitting in.”

So, taking the hint, he headed for the safety of the bedroom and I stayed till the end of the show.  Eventually, the lights stopped flickering, the skies started clearing and the thunder became a distant memory.

Now, some of you might remember that we have a small puppy and I worried that Buddy might be like out last dog, D.O.G.  At the first faraway murmur of thunder, D.O.G. would start breaking down the patio doors to take cover in the house.  You risked serious injury if you got in that dog’s way.  Don’t try to remove the dog from the house until the sun has once again graced the skies.  D.O.G. was pure chickens*** when it came to thunder and lightning.

After Danny scooted off to the safety of our bed, I felt safe enough to take a peek out the patio doors, worried that Buddy might be cowering in fear and shaking with terror.  I spotted him in his bed, SOUND ASLEEP!

When I softly said his name, he peeked up at me as if to say “What????  There was a storm?”  Love that dog!

This morning, all is still and quiet has covered our little town again.  But, Mother Nature did leave a little gift for those of us who survived the night and lived to see the sunrise.


It’s a beautiful morning, but, oh what a night!

29 responses to “Oh, What A Night!

  1. dmauldin53 says:

    I have a dog like that. First clap of thunder and under the bed she goes! So funny! 🙂

  2. Austin says:

    Judging by that first photo, Zeus was mad at someone near you!!! 🙂

  3. I love Florida storms! I met the love of my life in Florida during hurricane season, and lightning storms are woven into that meeting… and are a good metaphor for our relationship 😉

  4. Bastet says:

    Ah…Storms are so great…but when I’m inside the house…with my computer off!

  5. mewhoami says:

    Like you, I love to watch the brilliant performance of a powerful storm and I sure do miss them. Up in the mid-west, storms aren’t nearly as spectacular as they are in the south where I grew up. Thank you for the excellent pictures.

  6. kerbey says:

    So so so so so jealous of the rain and storms!

  7. btg5885 says:

    Those storms show you who is boss don’t they?

  8. Basharr says:

    I saw the title and thought “Late December, back in 63”

    We had a decent thunder storm last week lightning was very close because the flash was barely gone and the thunder was hammering us. Lasted about an hour, for us it is exciting and ominous as fire season is upon us and we were warned this week about the dry weather and conditions due to lack of snow this past winter.

    • Wow, you’re the first to recognize the Four Season’s nod I gave in this article. Good job, my friend! That song was running through my head the whole time I was writing the piece!

      • Basharr says:

        It was running through my head still hours later as my wife told me quit singing the song…lol

  9. mummyshymz says:

    Fantastic photos 🙂 love storms when I’m safely indoors 😉

  10. Patty O says:

    Another great post…our dog Hershey was the same as your D.O.G. – we’d hear him pacing all night long (on the hard wood floors: tick, tick, tick, tick, tick would go his nails…) Benadryl worked but then he’d be drugged!

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