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So Wrong and So Sad

on June 28, 2013


We all knew that racial discrimination was going to be a major issue in the State Of Florida’s case against George Zimmerman.  Zimmerman is accused of  “racially profiling” Trayvon Martin and that resulted in the eventual struggle between Zimmerman and Martin, which led to Martin’s death.  We were warned; we were prepared to hear once again how a young black boy was prejudged to be “suspicious” based on his color of skin.

I sat in shock, not believing my ears, while I listened to young Rachel Jeantel’s testimony yesterday.  For those of you not following this controversial trial, she was the young girl on the phone with Martin just moments before he was shot.

She testified that Trayvon Martin stated that a “Creepy Ass Cracker” (George Zimmerman) was following him.  When asked if she felt that was a racist remark, she said, “No, sir.”


The defense has just proved that Zimmerman was not the only one that might have been guilty of racial profiling.

Rachel is nineteen years old and if her idea of what constitutes a racial remark is shared by the youth of today, then there will never be an end to discrimination based on the color on one’s skin.  And, that is so wrong, and so sad.

I thought the world had come further in accepting people for what they are and what they do, not on the color of their skin, but on the way they live their lives.  I guess I was wrong if a remark such as “creepy ass cracker” is considered an innocent remark, not a racial slur.

I live in Florida and I know that the term “cracker’ is used as an offensive racial slur against the Caucasian residents of this state.  It’s not a compliment, it’s an insult when someone calls you a “cracker.” Plain and simple.

Rachel testified that the term “cracker” was used in her community to refer to white people, so how is that not an ethnic slur?

I, like the jurors, am waiting for all the evidence before I pass judgement on George Zimmerman.  But, Rachel’s testimony upset me and now I question just who was doing the racial profiling, Zimmerman, Martin, or both?  If it was just one of them or both were prejudging someone’s intentions based on the color of their skin, then nothing has changed and discrimination will continue on forever.  And that is so wrong, and so sad.

Just saying.

15 responses to “So Wrong and So Sad

  1. This is why people need to talk together more. There are numerous issues that can no longer be discussed openly due to the attention to political correctness. Anyone who is potentially critical of another’s poor behavior first must pay attention to; ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation and physical challenges before saying anything. Usually it is not worth the trouble.

    • I agree with you. I’d hoped that we had reached the point when we no longer had to worry about being “PC” and had moved on the relating to people as a fellow human being, free of labels and prejudice. We obviously haven’t but I can still dream.

  2. good post thanks for the update. I always pray racial profiling will leave, but sadly it hasn’t.

  3. Basharr says:

    Yes, yes it upset me too, what is even more concerning is at somebodies suggestion against her own wants her Twitter account was scrubbed. If this was at the suggestion of the prosecutor then why and what was there that they want hidden? I will be very honest, I believe Zimmerman will be found guilty and it will be because of the circus that was fueled by Al Sharpton and many in the media. The new black panther party put out wanted dead or alive posters for Zimmerman, they put a bounty on his head. That is completely illegal and the DOJ does nothing.I pray for a fair but there are forces at work here that want otherwise.

    I will close this with a quote:

    Morgan Freeman says in an interview with “60 Minutes” that there is no “white history month,” and says the only way to get rid of racism is to “stop talking about it.

    • Basharr says:

      “I pray for a fair” Insert Trial please =)

    • I hope that Zimmerman’s verdict will be based on facts and not on racial profiling. And, I agree, the parents and the organizations they brought into the mix are the ones screaming discrimination and yet, the first we hear of racial profiling is on the part of Trayvon Martin.


      • Basharr says:

        Very sad but this sort of thing is becoming more and more common.I had begun a longer reply but I will write on my blog as I don’t want to cast a shadow over such a bright place to post.

  4. Maggie says:

    Back when everyone was wearing hoodies in support of Trayvon Martin and his family I grew disgusted by the case. I can barely listen to reports about it now. The media needs to face reality. We do not live in a perfect world. Young men DO where hoodies to hide their identities, drugs and things they have stolen. It DOES happen. People DO dress and walk like bada**es in order to intimidate others…until they get shot or arrested and then they call it profiling. And there IS a “thug” style/lifestyle that employs all of these, (involving all races). I am not saying Trayvon Martin did any of these things or that he was a “street thug”. However, it can’t be ignored that there is a certain degree of factual information that serves as a foundation for checking out what an unfamiliar young person in baggy clothes and a hood is up to in your neighborhood, regardless of color. And no, that doesn’t mean he should be shot. Like you, I have not evaluated the evidence and have not formed an opinion. But it could be one of them was in the wrong or both of them…or it could have been a complete misunderstanding on both sides. It is a disservice to all to turn a blind eye to reality and pretend that everyone is, should be or will ever be peace loving. Racial slurs and profiling goes all ways. (In my humble opinion)

  5. See, this is why the Paula Deen issue has got me so on fire – she makes a mistake in judgement using the N-word and she’s getting crucified while Treyvon pretty much is getting a pass for the same kind of racial slur, not to mention this GIRL thinking what he said was ok. I mean, it’s like “your ancestors screwed us over so we get to treat you however we want but don’t you DARE judge US!”

    As for being PC? THIS is why this nation has become a bunch of whiny, weak, entitled douchebags that know they can get away with murder (sometimes literally) just because they are of one minority or another.

    • So true and so sad. I had hoped that we were getting past all this but now I find that the youth of America are using racial slurs as everyday expressions. Thought we’d come further than that.

      Thanks for reading and your comments! Always appreciated.

  6. Everyone is biased to one extent or the other. Everyone does racial profiling to one extent or the other – it is built into our genetics. (see The Naked Ape by Desmond Morris). All we can hope for is that eventually we can think past this sort of instinctual profiling.

    Unfortunately, the thought is that a racial minority can’t be racist. I disagree with that. We are all discriminatory in one way or the other and if it wasn’t about color it would be about clothing or accent or something that sets us apart.

    As to trials, you’re talking to a very jaded attorney who is on the cusp of starting a foundation to address (once again) the problem of wrongful convictions in some very specific cases. If you had any idea how much evidence is excluded you’d be stunned. I’ve watched innocent people take a fall because of evidentiary exclusion rules.

    I do not have an opinion one way or the other on this case. I haven’t followed it that closely and I hope that not too much is excluded from the trial – on either side. My only opinion is that Zimmerman had no business bird-dogging Martin and that if he had not done so there would be no trial right now since Martin was armed with only candy and iced tea. But I’m not sure that’s going to be what’s on point in this proceeding. Nor will the unethical use of the funds raised for him online be a part of the proceeding. But it does tend to point to a certain entitlement and unscrupulousness. That being said, I’d have to exclude myself from a jury pool as I’m tainted regarding those issues.

    As to racism and the use of racial epithets – it is endemic around the world and will probably never get better.

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