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Sarah Murnaghan’s Chance Has Come Thankfully.

Thank goodness a judge used his head and his heart and allowed this to happen. Let’s send good wishes and our hopes for permanent change in these policies!


Popping With The Prompts

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There have been those days, oh yes my friends, when I stare at the “New Post” screen and go totally blank.  I’m empty..I’m clueless..I’m lost.

I have to write, it’s like breathing to me now, and a day with no inspiration is pure torture.  I am working very hard on my novel, but have found that some days I’m flying with new material and others I avoid the table with the manuscript on it like the plague.  Because, on those days, I’ve got nothing!

Just when I thought I had bottomed out and all the fresh, sharp ideas had been done…I checked out what these “Daily Prompts” were all about.

I have found that they are the wind beneath my wings (oh gag..but true!) for those times when I couldn’t think of one damn thing that interested me enough to post about.

They challenged me to stretch out of my comfort zone and try different genres and you know what?  I’M HAVING A BALL!  Sometimes, just one sentence suggesting an opening or theme for a story is all it took to light a fire under my butt.

One of the prompts led me to write in a genre I had never tried before and I loved the result.  I loved the piece so much that I finally did what I’ve been trying to get up the gumption to do since I began pursuing my dream of being a published author.  I submitted the piece to an on-line publishing site.  Can you see where I’m going with this?

Oh yeah, my friends, I received an acceptance letter and a contract today!  I am in shock and am absolutely flying high.  I can die happy now, (not rich because I get paid based on how many readers download the story).  But, I am officially a published author.  Shut The Front Door!

And, who do I thank for this?  Well, my blogging buddies for one, who gave me the confidence to finally submit my work to a publisher.  Without you, I would never found the chutzpah to ever try to get published.  Your positive feedback has been my driving force, and I owe you all..big time!

I also have to thank those wonderful sites such as “Daily Post – Daily Prompt” and “Scribblers Ink Blog” for providing those prompts and firing up my creative juices.  There are other sites that have Daily Prompts, if you look around,  and all of these sites offer inspiration and motivation.

So, if you find yourself with a muse that is MIA or you spend hours staring at a blank screen, try one of those Daily Prompts.  In no time, you’ll find yourself Popping With The Prompts!




Somebody Help Me!


Hey!  You out there, you dog lovers!  Help a Buddy out here, will ya?  I’m in deep trouble!

I don’t know what I did wrong!  But, today, my momma Cranky is taking me to the Vet.  Word around the house is that I’m going to be Neutered!  WHAT!

Oh yeah, Cranky intends to let the Vet mess with my manhood.  Is that right, I ask you?  What have I done to deserve this treatment?

We’re talking my family jewels here, folks.  I ask you, shouldn’t I have a vote?  But, noooo.  I’ve tried everything to get her to change her mind.  The “puppy eyes” didn’t work; the pleading paws were ignored and I even forego my right to chew her shoes for a couple of days.

So, please!  Stop this woman before it’s too late!  I’ve only got a couple of hours left to be the “King” of the house and I’m trying to keep a low profile here under the table.  But, I know she sees me and it won’t be long before I’m dragged out and my life will change forever.

What’s that?  You believe that neutering is a good thing?

Yeah, momma Cranky has tried to explain to me that why this Neutering is a good thing.  There are too many unwanted dogs and cats in the world, I will feel calmer once it’s done and I won’t have to worry about prostrate problems when I get older.  Yada..yada..yada…!

Okay, so I’m not gonna get a last minute rescue, am I?  Well, I’ll just have to man up and get my last licks in while I can and face the fact that this is gonna happen.

But, I’m not happy about this…no, I’m not happy at all!  There better be some serious petting going on when I get home, I can tell you that, or there won’t be a safe shoe in the house.

I just hope they won’t add insult to injury and make me wear the “Cone Of Shame.”  That would just be too much to bear!

Your friend,

King Buddy


Blogger Under Attack

This is a great article that defines avenues you have to respond to attacks on the Internet.


Looking for Volunteer Writers for a Charitable Project

King Midgets trying to reach out a helping hand for a very special family. He needs our communities help to make it happen. Read and find out how we can help!

KingMidget's Ramblings

A few months back, I wrote a post about a charitable endeavor I was thinking of embarking on.  It continues to percolate.

Briefly summarized, I’m looking to help raise funds to help a local family — a single mother with five kids, two of whom she adopted out of the foster care system.  She continues to assist foster children, most recently taking in to crisis nursery babies for a few months.  Why raise money for them?  They live in one of the worst neighborhoods in the metropolitan area and she’d like to move to a better neighborhood.  There are plenty of other needs the family has.

I’m in the process of setting up a charitable trust for the family.  We’ll be trying to find different ways to get donations from people to help the family.  A fellow blogger/writer (and friend) brought the family to my attention and we have kicked…

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There’s a Storm Out There!


(Our palm trees in the backyard.)

Oh yeah, the winds are howling, the rain is pelting the roof and the weather forecasters are running off at the mouth.  It’s officially Hurricane Season here in Florida, and our first guest of the year is Tropical Storm Andrea.

I love storms and this one is a beauty.  She’s giving us a show with a band of thunder and a lightning display that makes our Fourth Of July tame.  Tornado warnings are being flashed and flood warnings are screaming across the airwaves.

Most of us have lived in Florida long enough to know how to weather these little tropical beauties.  We scramble around and secure all loose items, such as lawn chairs and pink pelicans.  We check the tie-downs on our pool cages and we grab the candles out of the last place we threw them.  Yup, we know what to do.  At least most of us do.

We had a tree stump that had to go.  We had scheduled to have it removed this morning before we knew of the oncoming storm.  We were waiting for the phone call we knew would be coming from the Stump Man (that’s what I call him) to reschedule due to inclement weather.

Well, mid-morning, as the puddles in the yard were reaching out to cover our entire yard and we started thinking about the need for sandbags around the perimeter of the house, we heard the rumble of a truck.  Oh yes, here came Stump Man and his equipment.  I wondered, didn’t he know that there’s a storm out there?

He gave a wave hello and then went about his business.  An hour later, the ugly pine tree stump had been reduced to mulch and Stump Man packed his gear.  We paid him and waved good-bye to this brave soul who kept his promise to show up…rain or shine.

Now, I can understand Stump Man’s determination to complete the job.  He had told Danny that he needed the money from his customers so he didn’t let small things such as storms hold him at bay.  I guess when you have a family to feed, a little wind and rain is ignored.  I respect him for his work ethics and his “get her done” attitude.  But, again, didn’t he know there was a storm out there?

It’s been a few hours since Stump Man departed, and Danny has an itch to clean up the dirt and mulch in preparation for the planting of some new shrubs we bought.  These shrubs are to eventually block our view of “The Devil Next Door.”  I advised him to wait until tomorrow and he agreed and walked out of the house and picked up a rake.


(A stubborn old man from Kentucky.)

So, as I sit here at the table, pecking away at my laptop, I glance up at the thunderclouds and try to resist the urge to shout out “Hey, dummy, don’t you know there’s a storm out there?”


Photo credits:  Cranky – World’s Worst Photographer, who snapped these shots during a brief lull in the storm.


Don’t Ask Me…I Won’t Tell


Daily Prompt: Never

by michelle w. on June 5, 2013

Tell us about a thing you’ll never write about.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FORBIDDEN. 

My father once gave me a piece of sage advice that I’ve never forgotten.  “Never talk about politics or religion when you drink.”  I bring that advice into my writing, for these are the two subjects that I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole in my articles or stories.

I don’t refuse to write about these subjects because I worry about what people will think of me; I don’t hold back because I feel that I might upset some of my readers. Anyone who has followed my posts can tell you that at times I write with a soft and gentle touch.  Sometimes I come out kicking.

Why do I consider these two subjects off-limits?  Well, let me explain.

Let’s take politics first.  I am just not a political type of gal.  It’s as simple as that.  I leave the filibustering and controversy to minds and voices greater than mine to sort out the political issues that surround us.  It’s not that I don’t care what’s happening in our government, I’m just as American as the next writer.  I just don’t feel it necessary to make my political likes and dislikes public and I definitely don’t want to debate these issues.  I speak my mind at election time in the polls.

Now, give me an injustice, give me a cause to fight for and I run to my laptop and take off the gloves.  Show me some good old American patriotism and I’m the first in line to shout “Well, done!” But comments on the state of affairs in our government are better left in the hands of the political journalists; I don’t feel the need to tread in their waters.  I keep my opinions to myself and refuse to share them in print.

Why is religion taboo when I write?  I am just not a religious type of gal.  I have my beliefs, my faith in a higher power and my set of moral standards that I follow.  I don’t expect anyone else to walk my spiritual path and I don’t write about how others should follow my beliefs.  I avoid organized religion and hold my convictions close and private.  It’s who I am and it’s served me well.

Now, let me see an beautiful sunset, or hear the first cry from a newborn baby, and I’ll write about my beliefs in the beauty of the world.  Show me one human treating another with kindness and love and I’ll put those warm and fuzzy feelings I get in print.  But I leave the religious articles and posters that claim they have the one true religion to other writers and their followers.

To those writers who do tackle these difficult subjects in their writings, I tip my hat to you.  I do read your material and I respect your observations and views as I would when reading your pieces on any other subject.

But,  if you ask me to write about my views on Abortion or Gun Control, I’ll say, “Don’t ask me.”  And, if you want me to write about my religious beliefs, I’ll just shake my head and say “I won’t tell.”


ObamaCare for All But this Young Girl denied a lung because of her age? The Erosion of Humanity.

Please reblog to let people know of this child’s needs…Can’t something be done?

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Why I’ll Never Be A Famous Writer



Ever since I could understand the written word, I have wanted to be a writer.

I am a consummate reader; I devour words and I spit them back out with a vengeance!  I’ve got the tools to string sentences together to make them readable and I have ideas that people seem to enjoy.  Instructors have told me that I have a natural talent for writing and that they believe I could reach the masses with my words.

So why is my dream of being a famous writer still a dream?

Well, I’ll tell you folks, it’s all due to PUNCTUATION!

I hate rules. Rules are made to be broken (notice I said rules, not laws, just in case you get the wrong idea!) And writing requires following the basic and not-so-basic rules of Punctuation! Ask any writing instructor or editor!

Why? I ask. Isn’t the content of the story what matters? Do editors even read the story, or do they stop at the first incorrect usage of a semi-colon? Why should it matter if I choose to throw in an unneeded comma here and there? Does it change the story?

I was taught how to follow the rules of punctuation…I just chose to ignore them. So, as a result, my English papers always contained those dreaded red ink messages from my teacher; my writing instructors did the same. Even my father, may he rest in peace, would send my letters back to me, CORRECTED! True fact!

My hero was my Nana, who only had a fourth grade education. She would send a two page letter, without a single piece of punctuation! Sure, it took longer to decipher her letter, but I considered it a challenge and loved her independence from the rules of punctuation.

But, alas, I am learning that in order to have a chance at getting any of my work published, I must follow the rules.  I have surrendered to the fact that I must edit my work carefully and make sure all the “i’s” are dotted and quote marks are in their proper places.  I must make William Strunk’s “The Elements Of Style” my new best friend or watch my manuscripts get thrown in the shredder.

I could hire an on-line editor, but they charge by the hour, and I’m sure not all of them are graduates of the “Evelyn Wood’s Speed-Reading Course.” Taking that easy way out would be too costly for a senior citizen on a limited income.

So, off I go to relearn those basic rules of punctuation.  Feel my pain and wish me luck.  If you’re a new and inspiring writer, sharing my dream of being a famous novelist, do yourself a favor.  Learn the rules!

Just saying.


Author’s note:  This was also one of my first “rants” on WordPress.  I’ve made some changes since the original post…hope you enjoy!


Haiku: Agostino

I could stare at the artwork for speaks to me. Great job by a very talented woman. Check it out!

Bastet and Sekhmet's Library

FlowerWhen you come around,

Spiritually vibrant…

you lighten our hearts!

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