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Oh No, What Did I Do?

on July 1, 2013


It’s all my fault..I admit it!  I wasn’t thinking and now, look what I’ve done!

If you read my previous post, you’re aware that I had to make a hard decision.  I now have two blogs, this one for my personal posts and a new Writing Journal I call “A Dream Come True.”  When I was creating the new blog, I ran into a problem with Mrs. Gulch.

I tried (really I did, Mrs. Gulch) to keep my original Gravatar on this site and put my personal picture on the new blog.  I worked for two days on that with the same wouldn’t work.  So, I sat Mrs. Gulch down and tried to explain my dilemma.

“What do you mean I have to leave?”

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Gulch.  You know I love you and it’s been really cool having you around.  But, the new blog needs a bit more professional look to it and your picture just won’t cut the mustard.”

“Hmph! I think you’re getting too big for your britches, My Pretty!  Do you remember what happened the last time someone tried to send me on my way?”

“Do you mean Dorothy and Toto?  If I remember right, you wound up with a house on your face.  Your sister didn’t fare too well either…melted, didn’t she?”

“That’s neither here nor there.  Do I really have to bring the flying monkeys here to bring you around to my way of thinking?”

“It won’t help, you old witch.  I tried for two days and the end result is that you have to take your bike and pedal your butt down the road.”

Well, as you can see from the picture above, Mrs. Gulch left in a whirlwind of anger and gave me a very impolite hand signal as she left.  I have kept an eye out for winged monkeys since the tornado yesterday and thankfully, there has been no sign of them…yet.

But, I have had a strange feeling of being watched…you don’t think she has her sister’s crystal ball, do you?  Just to be safe, if anyone reading this has the answer of how to have two gravatars for two blog sites, please, contact me!


Authors note:  The picture above is actually courtesy of our local Fox News and it shows what we call a “funnel” cloud touching down over the water.  When we’re lucky, these funnels dissipate when they reach our shoreline; when we’re not lucky they turn into tornados.  This time we were lucky!

12 responses to “Oh No, What Did I Do?

  1. Bastet says:

    LOL and even more! Sorry about Mrs. Gulch…but one has to what one has to do! 🙂

  2. I will miss the ole bat! lol

  3. I see Mrs. Gulch as your Gravitar here…

  4. mummyshymz says:

    On my iPhone app, she appears in the blog header, but your pic appears as the author…

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