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Cooking Up A BlogRoll!

on July 3, 2013

Something M. E. Learned while designing the new site!

A Dream Come True


When I first started “Grandma Says” on WordPress, I dived in head first.  I followed the most excellent prompts that WordPress used to guide me along and get my blog up and rolling.  Easy Breezy!  I was off and running in no time.

Well, I’ve since discovered while creating this new blog site, that I have missed out on many of the great features that WordPress supplies to make our blogs Pop!  I’ve been guilty of the same thing that drives me nuts when Danny (my S.O.) assembles anything.  He pulls out the pieces, grabs a few tools, and starts to assemble while the instructions are still in the box.  When the attempt to assemble the piece proves frustrating, then, and only then, will he pull out the instructions and read them.

I wanted to create a way for my readers to find certain sites that have either helped me…

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