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Gee, Thanks Sis!

on July 5, 2013


Life was just settling down.  After his hospitalization, Danny’s recovery had reached the point where he was now able to putter happily around the yard and outside of the house.  I was finally able to get some time for my writing, which is a tonic for me and we were settling into a nice, normal routine after a very scary year.  Life was good. Life was calm.

And, that all ended on the day Danny’s sister decided to surprise us with an unexpected puppy.  Don’t get me wrong, we love animals, we missed having a dog and “King Buddy” quickly became a member of our family.

So, what’s the problem?  Well, if you’ve ever been blessed with raising a puppy, you know they don’t just grow into well-behaved adult dogs on their own.  It takes constant training to raise a puppy; it takes energy; it’s a full time job.  Believe it or not, that cute little puppy takes a lot of TLC and that takes time.  My time.  A lot of My time!

Did she think I didn’t have enough to do?  I do all the cooking, cleaning, shopping, monitoring Danny’s medication, cheering him up when he’s down, making sure he doesn’t overdo it, and the list goes on and on and on.  So, what?…it helps me to dump a puppy in my lap and wave good luck on your way out?

The puppy (which at five months old is the size of a medium dog) chews…he chews a lot…he chews everything in sight.  I have purchased pull toys, rawhide chews and rubber duckies for him to knaw on…but he prefers to chew on the legs of our rocking chairs; he finds the wood frame on the outside of the house quite tasty and I have had to throw out three pairs of shoes that he found to his taste.  HE ATE HIS DOG BED!  No lie.

He is also a puppy that will NOT be ignored.  When we sit down for our first cup of coffee in the morning, he paces around the table..he drops toys in my lap..he chews on my slippers.  He pretends he’s deaf when we tell him to stop; he dances around the table for attention while Danny and I try to have a conversation that doesn’t include the words “NO, BUDDY!”.

I realize that Buddy is just a puppy and new puppy owners all go through the same trials and tribulations in raising a new dog.  However, I DID NOT ASK for a new dog…it’s not the right time and I had other plans for my days that did not include taking care of Danny and a frisky, super energetic canine.

Now, I’m trapped.  We love the puppy and know that someday (if I survive) he will be a wonderful companion and we will be glad that his sister thought to bring a new puppy into our lives.

But, right now, all I can say is “Gee…Thanks Sis!”

18 responses to “Gee, Thanks Sis!

  1. tric says:

    I so get you. My kids are all talk about our new puppy, which I have not even agreed to yet. My hesitation is for all those reasons you have listed. My mum has the most adorable well behaved dog, so I was just coming around…. until I read the reality that is your post, the one that says “this is what happens when the new wears off your puppy” Now I am back to the drawing board!.

    • M E McMahon says:

      Ooohhh…don’t let the kids know I put a dent in their plans! But, having a puppy is a HUGE responsibility, one you have to be ready for. I can handle it, but I would rather have been prepared instead of surprised.

  2. I know that feeling My husband tries to bring home strays all the time and who gets left doing all the work?? Not the kids or the hubby.

  3. I’ve gotten several dogs over the years with good intentions from the giver, I get it …but I must say fell in love with them all and learned to just …just …be calm, they grow on you!

  4. A puppy is akin to having a child and you don’t see people giving those out willy nilly.

  5. All I can say is… better you than me.

    I can barely remember to take myself outside when I have to pee. 🙂

  6. Aurora says:

    I love dogs don’t get me wrong, but the amount of work involved is exactly why I am a cat person.:-P

  7. Brilliant post. Shouldn’t have laughed, but alas, I did. Sawwy 🙂

  8. jengolightly says:

    You have my sympathies. Presents that take over your life are not gifts.
    Someone found a couple of baby terrapins in an empty house and gave them to me, those babies grew to the size of dinner plates and required custom tanks to be built as they outgrew their regular shop bought homes. Also if a splash of water landed on you as you cleaned them that you didn’t scrub off you caught salmonella and was sick.
    Mind you, they didn’t chew on the house!

  9. aj vosse says:

    Puppies are great… when the neighbours rear them… the neighbours in the next state! 😉

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