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Paying It Forward Wednesday – 7/10/2013

on July 10, 2013

Have a lot going on today..but want to make sure this gets to “Grandma Says” faithful followers!

A Dream Come True

2977696129_df5f7a850bI’d like to start by thanking everyone for the great response to my new blog site.  It has warmed my heart to see my readers following both sites now…in addition to a really nice increase in new followers for both sites.  I’ve said it from day one on WordPress, and I’ll say it again, You Readers Rock!

Now, down to business.  This is the day I tell you about a specific blogger who has inspired me and helped me along the way with suggestions, inspirations and comments.  She has been with me on my journey and she follows the same path I am taking.  We both hope to see our stories published and passed on as a legacy to our children.

Gwen, the 4 A.M. Writer, is a great blogger who writes about the challenges of having a family while pursuing her dream.  She gets up early…like me…in order…

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4 responses to “Paying It Forward Wednesday – 7/10/2013

  1. Gwen says:

    You guys are too kind! xoxo
    Thanks for the reblog here, Crank. I know I picked up a few new followers because of you!

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