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Getting Down To Business

on July 11, 2013

Tomorrow is a new day…time to get my career going!

A Dream Come True


I was sitting at my writing table this morning and noticed the piles of paper scattered around.  Unfinished stories, works that are ready for submission that are crying to be released and chapters of my novel gathering dust.  I wondered how this had happened; what have I been doing with the time I should be writing, submitting and revising that novel?

It was time to sit down and figure out just what I wanted to do with my writing.  I’ve gotten some stories published; was that enough for me?  No, I thought.  I want so much more than that.  I want to finish my novel; I want to be published in some of the top magazines and I want to leave my granddaughter the memory that her grandmother had achieved success as a writer.

I am retired now, but I spent most of my life in the business world.  It…

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2 responses to “Getting Down To Business

  1. Planning, organisation and goals are vital. Now to get them to all work together.

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