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The Big Unexpected Visitor

on July 18, 2013


I’ve had unexpected visitors before and normally, I would welcome them with open arms.  Some visitors call ahead to see if it’s a good time to visit while others feel comfortable enough to just drop in.  I usually enjoy the break from my everyday routine and enjoy their company.  Today, however, I was not amused.

I was sitting on the lanai (patio…porch..whatever) after opening the back screen door to allow Buddy to go out to do his..ahem..doggie duty when a huge bird flew in the door.  I watched in horror as the white plumed dive bomber headed for the pool screen (which ain’t cheap to replace, my friends.)  Before I could shoo it back out the door, it slammed into the screen, bounced off and landed on it’s two feet.

Dazed, it ruffled it’s feathers and then took wing once more, and went back out the way it flew in. Danny had been working in the yard on the side of the house that had just been attacked and asked what that big boom was that he had heard.

“A bird flew in and hit the screen.”

“What was it, a sparrow?” Danny asked.

“Think bigger.” I answered.

“A crow?”

“Think bigger.”

“What the hell was it?”  I think my man was tired of guessing.

“Think Big Bird and you’d be close.”


“Yeah, right.  Did it do any damage to the screen?”

Hmm…I thought about downplaying the size of the hole, but the man’s not blind. “Yeah, there’s a small hole from where his beak hit it.”

Well, Danny took one look at the screen and said, “That’s what you call a small hole?  I could fit a torpedo through that gap.”  Well, I’d told him it was a big bird, hadn’t I?


“Oh, don’t exaggerate.” I said. “I’m going to go out and make sure the bird’s not injured.”  I grabbed my camera in case the feathered fink wanted to file a lawsuit for injuries sustained.  I found the culprit alive and well and prancing around our front lawn.


I watched as the bird with no navigational skills was joined by his buddies and I swear I could hear them chuckling.  I began to suspect that this was no accident.  I could imagine how the caper all went down.


“Hey, Harry.  Bet you don’t have the beak to fly in that big Aviary and do some damage.”

“But..but, there are two humans in there and some kind of really scary furry thing with four feet.”

“What are you?  A bird or a mouse?  C’mon..I double Dawg Dare You!”

“Yeah, well, I’m not chicken.  You just follow my tail feathers!”

So, Harry did his danger filled fly by and purposely put the hole in the screen with his sharp, curved beak.  After making a clean escape, he flew off to tell his friends that he had really earned his wings.

I hope Harry’s proud of himself!  I’ll be keeping an eye out and a closed screen door from now on for any repeat performances from Harry, the big dirty bird!

20 responses to “The Big Unexpected Visitor

  1. Bastet says:

    Omg…that is soooo funny…good photos there too! Sorry about your poor screen though, just tell the four legged hairy creature to keep a look out for any future dare devils! 😉

  2. tric says:

    Must be the season for it. When I was up home my brother showed us a gross photo. He had been driving on the motor way and a pigeon had kamikazed into his window. The awful thing was it was lashing rain and it’s head got stuck in the wipers, which kept going, The windscreen was a right mess afterwards. They couldn’t even quickly pull in as it was the motorway!

  3. 🙂 I see these birds around where I live, but I’ve never had a problem with them flying in. I’ll be aware now.

  4. mummyshymz says:

    That’s a big rip! I can even imagine the big doing a high-five with his friends.

  5. Maybe some crim safe screen wire is in order for your aviary.

  6. Gwen says:

    This is one of those things that could only happen to you. I think Harry had an agenda. He wanted you to write about him on the blog!

  7. mcwoman says:

    You always entertain me with everyday tales. That’s a true art! By the way, what kind of bird is that? We have nothing like it “up nort”. 🙂

    • M E McMahon says:

      I’m sure it’s some sort of crane..I do know that they appear on our lawns and feed on chinch we welcome them. Just don’t appreciate their fly-bys.

  8. I heard once that every experience in life can either be classified as a good time or a good story; this is proof!

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