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The Woman Of His Dreams

on July 18, 2013

I took Papi Z’s prompt and had a great time writing this!

A Dream Come True


I looked up and there she was, the woman of my dreams, buying a ticket for the last show of the evening.

I straightened my tie, brushed a hand through my hair and prayed to the Gods above that she loved popcorn.  Standing behind the concession stand, with shaking hands and my hormones raging, I silently whispered, “please, please, please come over here.”

She looked like Angelina Jolie with her silky midnight black hair reaching down to land on the top of a most awesome derriere.  Her pale, green blouse was buttoned just enough to satisfy the censors but low enough to stir any man’s loins. The long thin strap of a black purse crisscrossed her ample breasts and a gossamer black scarf was wrapped around her perfectly tapered neck like a gentle caress. She wore a short black skirt, slit on both sides under which her long, perfectly shaped…

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