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The Publisher’s Yellow Brick Road

on July 28, 2013

I spent last week learning a few things about sending out stories to publishers. Take a peek!

A Dream Come True


I mentioned yesterday that I dedicated last week to submitting a few of my stories to publishers.  One of my goals is to be published in a magazine that people buy and is printed on dead trees.  It’s part of my dream to hand something to my granddaughter that she can keep and say “My Grandma Wrote This…she was a writer.”

During the week, I made a few discoveries that I thought I would share with other new writers who might be on the threshold of submitting their work to a publisher for the first time.  These discoveries showed me that the Yellow Brick Road we follow to a publishers desk is filled with dangers that could wind up with our efforts thrown into the publisher’s waste basket without getting past the first paragraph.

As new writers, we don’t have editors and publishers are not on the phone clamoring for…

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2 responses to “The Publisher’s Yellow Brick Road

  1. Thank you, and please keep sharing.

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