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It’s A Jungle Out There

on August 5, 2013


You might remember that we spent quite some time building what we dubbed our Tranquility Garden.  Well, evidently we might have to rethink the name of our little spot since it’s been anything but tranquil since we finished it.

Our first visitor was a poor little frog.  Confused by the demolition of his pond, he spends hours on our lanai, trying to enter the garden through the screen.  I have relocated him several times, only to find him in the morning once again trying to climb through the screen.


He just doesn’t get it!

Then, last week, a serpent slithered into our garden, probably trying to find the apple tree.  He finally departed, failing to find two naked paradise dwellers and now I worry about how he got in.


This morning, we found a new traveler looking for some piece and quiet.  A tired little bat, looking for a dark spot to rest in until he can attack me in the dark, checked in this morning and is still flying around the pool area.


I have been searching for a small bench for the new garden so that I can (when this damn heat goes away) sit and read peacefully while enjoying the tranquility of our new little garden.  Well, that search has ended, since I have no desire to sit in a spot waiting for a frog to jump on me, a snake to wind around my legs and a bat to fly in my hair.

A few weeds have popped up in the garden and I asked Danny this morning if he would mind removing them.  He asked, “Why don’t you do it?”

My answer–“Because it’s a jungle out there!”

Author’s note:  The dancing gorillas doing the “River Dance” really have nothing to do with this post.  I just fell in love with them and put them in anyway! 🙂

6 responses to “It’s A Jungle Out There

  1. Bastet says:

    Lovely as usual! Sekhmet by the way was all for calling the Canadian mounted police, dolphin brigade! She was sure the aliens had carried you away! Upon her insistence she had me go and see if we were still following you…she told me that she’d heard from an asp, through his second cousin the cobra who’d gotten the news from a garder snake who’d been passing through town that you were just very busy and not having health problems again. But she still thought we should verigy that info…said you can never trust a forked tongued snake. By the way, bats eat sketters, if you put a bat house away from the pool area, he’ll stay ou of your hair. 😉

    • M E McMahon says:

      No, the news of my demise has been highly exaggerated! I think! It’s just been so damn hot that I haven’t found my funny bone in a while. But, I have HUGE news that I’ll post tomorrow and that has my motivation up big time.

      The damn bat is still here…I’d rather be bit by a sketter than a bat…I read Cujo by S. King and I now keep my distance from those ugly mites. But, hopefully, he’ll fly out of the pool area. I didn’t know that about bat houses. I might look into that!

      Thanks for thinking of me and tell Sekhmet I send my love!

      • Bastet says:

        I’ll post a photo with some bat houses they have at Riva del Garda! We’ve been invaded by Tiger mosquitos the last few summers…and they are nasty little vampires, so the local administration has been putting up bat houses and seems the experiment has worked out pretty well. St. King is responsable for some pretty stupid prejudices as is Bram Stoker. Bats don’t bite people but they play havoc with flying insects…like skeeters! 🙂

      • M E McMahon says:

        I was talking to Dan about the bat houses this morning. I think I may get a story out of these. I’ll look forward to those pictures!

  2. mcwoman says:

    I think you should call your garden, “Wild Kingdom.” I see nothing tranquil about the kind of wild life its attracting.

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