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Which way do I go?

on August 10, 2013

Help an old writer out and pick an ending for me!

A Dream Come True


I’ve always trusted my followers and readers suggestions and have treasured each one.  My beta readers for my novel are awesome: honest, clear and supportive.  Comments on both my posts have always been spot on and I read each one with respect.

And, now I’m once more reaching out for your help.

I have written a short story…with two different endings…and I cannot decide which ending would appeal more to a reader (and publisher).  Due to publishing restrictions, I can only give you a brief synopsis of the story and hope you can give me some help with my decision.

1.  An aging reporter is being edged out by a younger reporter.

2.  She needs a big “scoop” on a series of murders so she can regain her previous status as a crime reporter.

3.  Events lead her to believe that she has found the killer but needs more…

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