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Ionia is as Ionia Does

on August 12, 2013

Send your good wishes Ionia’s way! This strong lady is getting ready to kick cancer in the butt. Let’s show our support!

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Ionia Martin; ioniamartin is a special friend to many writers. She gives encouragement, straight feedback and sometimes a boot in the butt. She always gives the kind of support that a writer needs at the time. When a writer is down; she pulls them up. When a writer is up; she boosts them higher. Her words are always meant to help and never hurt. She is tolerant of those with developing talent yet, unflinchingly critical of those out for personal gain at others expense. She could be called: Big Sister, Leader, Boss, Queen, and to those very special to her, Friend. In short; Ionia is a wonderful person who deserves the best life has to offer.

Tomorrow is a big day for Ionia with projected positive results. To help the positive trend it would be nice if everyone could just think of her tomorrow and say to yourself, “go Ionia.” You can…

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2 responses to “Ionia is as Ionia Does

  1. faeangel says:

    Love, hope and healing for Ionia.

  2. Thank you for the reblog. The more good thoughts the better.

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